Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Here's what I wore for yesterday's Girls' Day with Bestie. I was in a hurry, so didn't take the pic before I left, and then forgot to take the camera with me so we could get some pics together. So I took the pic at the end of the day; not the best time, but it works.

I'm not sure this jacket is the best design for my shape. Since I have narrow shoulders and wide hips, it accents those facts rather than camouflages them. But I really like it...any ideas? The flare at the bottom of these pants doesn't thrill me, either. This is one thing I can easily fix, however. A few minutes at the sewing machine and they'll be boot cut instead.

This outfit was comfortable for our outing, but not the best look for me.

Brown denim jacket - yard sale find
Brown print T - JC Penney's clearance rack
Khaki pants - ???
Houndstooth Mary Jane flats - eBay

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belated Tuesday

My Tuesday plans were to spend the day catching up with my "bestie" (who keeps gallivanting all over creation!). I chose comfort over coordination for this outfit. I'd planned to wear black jeans with the gray striped T and striped sweater, but they just didn't feel quite as comfortable as I hoped for a day of shopping. So I opted for my stretch "skinny" jeans for better freedom of movement. Also, since it was cold and damp out, the boots got one last wear for the season. Since my outfit was rather mono-chromatic, my red coat added a splash of color to the dreary day. Bestie took the photos on her deck with her beautiful view in the background.

Our girls' day began with a lovely breakfast at IHOP. Next we grabbed a few essentials at Wally World, where I got a phone call from Daughter on behalf of Dear Hubby. His car had broken down and mine was required to carry on his job. Bestie and I hustled out of town, dropped her off at her house and I went to DH's aid. While it was a little disappointing to have our girls' day cut short, I always enjoy working with my husband, so it was a good day all in all.

To prove that my Dear Hubby is a wonderful man, he took me back into town Tuesday evening to finish the grocery shopping - not once, but TWICE! We'd gotten all the way into town before I realized that I'd left my coupon case at home. DH didn't get upset with me at all! He just turned around, drove all the way back home, and back to town again. Considering we live 12 miles from town, that's a lot of wasted gas! He's a really great guy.

More proof of my husband's awesomeness - he gave me a second shot at a girls' day! He dropped me off at Bestie's house on his way to buy chicken food at the coop this (Wed) morning, then Bestie and I spent the rest of the day together. We purchased frufu coffee to go and zoomed off to The Big City for some power shopping. Yay! You really are the BEST, Dear Hubby! I love you!

(PS- Most of the shopping was of the window variety. I'm a cheapskate, after all, which is probably why DH doesn't mind me going shopping. I came home with four $5 t-shirts, a 3-pack of earrings for $5, a $5 scarf, $4 sweater that came with a scarf, and a $6 top.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Button up and go

I had a busy day today so I opted for a berry colored button up shirt to go with my dark wash jeans and sporty slip ons.  Simple jewelry - a few rings, dangly earrings and a silver necklace to add a little bling.  Perfect for my day of household chores, coffee with a friend and being a chauffeur to my kids.  Had a take a quick pic without the tripod and the dog made an appearance.  She's wearing her usual purple collar with standard vet tag bling.  Looking forward to the weather warming up so maybe I can wear flats without socks or even some sandals but not unless I find some time for a quick selfgiven pedi!  The toes aren't public worthy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A gray, cold Monday

Today is a working day for me, so can't have my clothing to restraining or accessorized. It's cold and gloomy out, so I really felt the need for some bright spring colors, yet required some sleeve length to keep from shivering. Out comes this fun top! The scarf came off while I was cleaning Mrs L's house, but went back on for running errands and for puttering around back at home. Yes, I'm aware the jeans are entirely too loose. It's almost time to retire this pair, but until I'm comfortable in the next size down, I'll continue to wear these.

I'd like to make a little note about this blog: one could get the idea that my sisters and I are vain about our appearances. After all, here we are, showing off photos of ourselves, putting a focus on our attire. As Christians, God tells us that He looks at the heart of people, and the outward stuff is insignificant. (And I'm SO glad that He does!) The purpose of this blog is NOT to seek approval or praise for our appearance, but rather to show that even an ordinary woman has beauty in her everyday wear. Also, my hope is to build a little self-confidence (I'm sure Bev would agree). As we are growing older, it's easy to get discouraged and believe the lie that we're no longer beautiful or worthy. In God's eyes, however, we are His beautiful princesses. I hope to reflect this in every aspect of my life, including my wardrobe.

Blessings to all the beautiful ordinary women out there!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sister's Sunday Style

Hello, Frumpy readers!  I'm Melissa's sister Bev.  We've been taking pictures of our Sunday outfits to share with each other for a while now so it's only logical to turn it into a blog now and share with other ladies on the net.
Today's outfit was inspired by staying warm since this late March Kansas weather is more wintery than spring-like.  I wanted to have the spring colors in my outfit though so I went with my new sweater I picked up a few weeks ago on the JCPenny clearance rack for $5.  The hubster doesn't care for the preppy look of argile but in moderation I think it's great.  I paired this teal, lime green and cream argile sweater with my pin striped denim trousers, cream trouser socks and pewter flats for church this morning and stayed fairly warm.  I added a two tiered silver necklace, silver dangle earrings, silver leaf ring and new beaded bracelet to finish it off.  Please excuse the weird pose.  Hopefully I'll get better at posing for the camera on a tripod!
Sweater - JCPennys
Trousers - Goodwill
Trouser socks, flats and earrings - Wal Mart
Necklace - Big Lots
Ring - Kohl's (bracelet was as well but was a gift)

My Fashionable Sisters!

In order to help this blog actually have some fashion sense, I've asked one of my lovely sisters to co-author with me. I might even ask my other lovely sister for occasional input, as well. (She's a busy mother of little ones, so she might not have a lot of time for it.) Both of my sisters are also stay-at-home mothers and wives; however, they are much cuter than their elder sister!

The Hausfrau Sisters -- B, me, and L ---------->

Sunday Best

See? I can look more like a decent human being!

Not sure I'm totally thrilled with this combination of pieces, but it's OK. My outfit needed to have ease of movement since today was a Boo Sunday. (Boo was very good in toddler Sunday School this morning, btw. He is starting to learn that the beans need to stay in the bean bin. LOL)

It would have been nice to wear either tights or go bare-legged, but neither was an option today. The only tights I have are black or brown (not good with white shoes) and it's too cold for bare legs. So, hosiery it was.

Finding the right jewelry to wear with outfits is a big challenge for me. These silver hoops and my Dachshund necklace are what I turn to when I can't think of anything else. I wear them a lot.

Sweater - Khol's
T-shirt - Walmart
Skirt - Goodwill
Shoes - Can't remember, I've had 'em a while

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Frumpy Hausfrau needs a transformation!

My sister Bev introduced me to fashion blogs several months ago, and I absolutely love reading them! My sense of fashion is, well, lacking, so I need all the help I can get. However, I haven't found a blogger out there who reflects where I'm at in life: no longer young but still not old, stay-at-home wife with a recently vacated nest in the middle of Kansas, somewhat chubby average looking woman who needs to learn what her style really is. I am, ready to fill that void.

This ---> is how I typically clothe myself in the cooler months: flannel shirt, sweat pants and fuzzy slippers. Terribly fashionable, dontcha think? I don't have a job to dress for; the dogs don't care what I look like, nor do the chickens. I'm sure my husband would prefer that I didn't look like a frumpy hausfrau, however.

I don't believe I care to wear pearls and heels while pushing the vacuum cleaner, although I do admire June Cleaver's style. Dresses and heels are what I typically wear to church, except on days when we take our grandson to church with us. Those times require pants and flats, to allow for sitting on the floor in Sunday School and chasing Boo before he escapes out the front doors.

When I go to town, I do dress a little nicer: jeans and a nice top usually. Sometimes the top is still flannel, though, when it's cold outside. Of course, it really doesn't matter what the shirt looks like, as my heavy coat covers it all up anyway. But if Dear Hubby takes me out for lunch, I want to be presentable when the coat comes off.

Shoes are the one fashion item that I truly enjoy the most. My sisters made me count them a few years ago; I think there were something like 80 pair. I've got many shoes that only make it to church on Boo-less Sundays. It's just not comfortable wearing heels around the house. (How did June do that??) And the older (and fatter) I get, the more I'm discovering that comfort shoes are what it's all about. However!!! I refuse to wear those ugly, bulky shoes that scream "I'm a tottering old lady"! I want my feet to be comfortable and cute.

Since I began reading the fashion blogs, I've been trying to learn from these lovely ladies' styles, incorporating some of their looks into my own wardrobe. This blog will (hopefully) force me to work on my appearance not just on Sundays, but every day of the week. Maybe it will help me figure out who is under this skin, too.