Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belated Tuesday

My Tuesday plans were to spend the day catching up with my "bestie" (who keeps gallivanting all over creation!). I chose comfort over coordination for this outfit. I'd planned to wear black jeans with the gray striped T and striped sweater, but they just didn't feel quite as comfortable as I hoped for a day of shopping. So I opted for my stretch "skinny" jeans for better freedom of movement. Also, since it was cold and damp out, the boots got one last wear for the season. Since my outfit was rather mono-chromatic, my red coat added a splash of color to the dreary day. Bestie took the photos on her deck with her beautiful view in the background.

Our girls' day began with a lovely breakfast at IHOP. Next we grabbed a few essentials at Wally World, where I got a phone call from Daughter on behalf of Dear Hubby. His car had broken down and mine was required to carry on his job. Bestie and I hustled out of town, dropped her off at her house and I went to DH's aid. While it was a little disappointing to have our girls' day cut short, I always enjoy working with my husband, so it was a good day all in all.

To prove that my Dear Hubby is a wonderful man, he took me back into town Tuesday evening to finish the grocery shopping - not once, but TWICE! We'd gotten all the way into town before I realized that I'd left my coupon case at home. DH didn't get upset with me at all! He just turned around, drove all the way back home, and back to town again. Considering we live 12 miles from town, that's a lot of wasted gas! He's a really great guy.

More proof of my husband's awesomeness - he gave me a second shot at a girls' day! He dropped me off at Bestie's house on his way to buy chicken food at the coop this (Wed) morning, then Bestie and I spent the rest of the day together. We purchased frufu coffee to go and zoomed off to The Big City for some power shopping. Yay! You really are the BEST, Dear Hubby! I love you!

(PS- Most of the shopping was of the window variety. I'm a cheapskate, after all, which is probably why DH doesn't mind me going shopping. I came home with four $5 t-shirts, a 3-pack of earrings for $5, a $5 scarf, $4 sweater that came with a scarf, and a $6 top.)

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Bflowers said...

I like your outfit! Looks comfortable and put together.