Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sister's Sunday Style

Hello, Frumpy readers!  I'm Melissa's sister Bev.  We've been taking pictures of our Sunday outfits to share with each other for a while now so it's only logical to turn it into a blog now and share with other ladies on the net.
Today's outfit was inspired by staying warm since this late March Kansas weather is more wintery than spring-like.  I wanted to have the spring colors in my outfit though so I went with my new sweater I picked up a few weeks ago on the JCPenny clearance rack for $5.  The hubster doesn't care for the preppy look of argile but in moderation I think it's great.  I paired this teal, lime green and cream argile sweater with my pin striped denim trousers, cream trouser socks and pewter flats for church this morning and stayed fairly warm.  I added a two tiered silver necklace, silver dangle earrings, silver leaf ring and new beaded bracelet to finish it off.  Please excuse the weird pose.  Hopefully I'll get better at posing for the camera on a tripod!
Sweater - JCPennys
Trousers - Goodwill
Trouser socks, flats and earrings - Wal Mart
Necklace - Big Lots
Ring - Kohl's (bracelet was as well but was a gift)


Melissa said...

Love this outfit on you, Bev! I got a couple of those argyle sweaters at Penney's, too - a pink pullover and an eggplant cardigan. You got a better price than I did, tho! I think your outfit looks more conducive to playing on the floor with toddlers than mine was. Next time I have Boo, I'll definitely have to go with pants.

Bflowers said...

Pants are all I seem to want to wear to church these days since I gained weight. All my skirts don't really fit anymore (except for a few dresses) and now my pant selection is smaller too. I just haven't been in the mood to shop for new stuff.

Melissa said...

The thing is, Bev, is that you will feel better if you have clothes that fit you. Put the stuff that doesn't fit away in a tote box (with a label on top that says what size is inside - this will help eliminate digging later). Then all that is in your closet is what fits now. Don't focus on the number on the tag - it's just a number. And if the number really bugs you, whack off the tags! I've learned in my many ups and downs with weight, it's better just to accept what size I am right now, and adjust my wardrobe to fit me.