Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Frumpy Hausfrau needs a transformation!

My sister Bev introduced me to fashion blogs several months ago, and I absolutely love reading them! My sense of fashion is, well, lacking, so I need all the help I can get. However, I haven't found a blogger out there who reflects where I'm at in life: no longer young but still not old, stay-at-home wife with a recently vacated nest in the middle of Kansas, somewhat chubby average looking woman who needs to learn what her style really is. I am, ready to fill that void.

This ---> is how I typically clothe myself in the cooler months: flannel shirt, sweat pants and fuzzy slippers. Terribly fashionable, dontcha think? I don't have a job to dress for; the dogs don't care what I look like, nor do the chickens. I'm sure my husband would prefer that I didn't look like a frumpy hausfrau, however.

I don't believe I care to wear pearls and heels while pushing the vacuum cleaner, although I do admire June Cleaver's style. Dresses and heels are what I typically wear to church, except on days when we take our grandson to church with us. Those times require pants and flats, to allow for sitting on the floor in Sunday School and chasing Boo before he escapes out the front doors.

When I go to town, I do dress a little nicer: jeans and a nice top usually. Sometimes the top is still flannel, though, when it's cold outside. Of course, it really doesn't matter what the shirt looks like, as my heavy coat covers it all up anyway. But if Dear Hubby takes me out for lunch, I want to be presentable when the coat comes off.

Shoes are the one fashion item that I truly enjoy the most. My sisters made me count them a few years ago; I think there were something like 80 pair. I've got many shoes that only make it to church on Boo-less Sundays. It's just not comfortable wearing heels around the house. (How did June do that??) And the older (and fatter) I get, the more I'm discovering that comfort shoes are what it's all about. However!!! I refuse to wear those ugly, bulky shoes that scream "I'm a tottering old lady"! I want my feet to be comfortable and cute.

Since I began reading the fashion blogs, I've been trying to learn from these lovely ladies' styles, incorporating some of their looks into my own wardrobe. This blog will (hopefully) force me to work on my appearance not just on Sundays, but every day of the week. Maybe it will help me figure out who is under this skin, too.

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Bflowers said...

Hi, sis! I'm excited to "follow" you on this blog and add you to my favorites under the fashion catagory! I've often thought of posting my fashion blogging on the same blog as everything else but maybe I'll make a seperate one just for fashion. Not sure yet. Anyway, thanks for representing KS housewives! Love ya!