Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter outfit

I didn't buy anything new specifically for Easter but this was the first time I wore this dress.  I got it on the clearance rack at Wal Mart a month or so ago.  Since it was so chilly I grabbed my white cardigan to wear over it.  I paired it with a sparkly silver necklace and earrings and my bone colored heels.  I really like the colors in this dress and the length of it but it's a bit big on the top.  But that's what happens when you are a size smaller on top than you are on bottom.
Cardigan - JCPenny's clearance rack $5
Dress - Wal Mart clearance rack $5 (I think)
Shoes - at least 10 years old so I don't remember how much or where
Necklace - Big Lots $3
Earrings - Wal Mart $1.50 with a matching necklace on clearance
Ring - (even though you can't really see it) Kohl's $8

Monday, April 25, 2011

All Spiffed Up!

It's too bad I didn't insist on additional shots in different places. This is the only photo I took yesterday of Dale and me in our Easter finery. One of these days I will either learn how to use my camera better - or get a new one!

Isn't my Dale a sharp-dressed man? He looks so good in a suit! :)

My outfit:
Dress - Kohl's
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - from Mom G's collection
Bracelet (sorry, I forgot it was on the wrist of the hand Dale is holding) - yard sale

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

I was pretty excited about dressing up for Easter Sunday. My girls were both wearing brand new Springy dresses and I had found a really cute Springy skirt and shirt outfit that I couldn't wait to wear. I love the bright colors, but they're not so bright that I stand out in the crowd and it's comfortable. I splurged and bought this all new along with bracelets and earrings that matched perfectly. I can also mix and match the pieces with other things like jeans or a white top or navy or even lime green I suppose.

Top: Cato $14.99

Skirt: Cato $20

White wedge sandals: Payless (can't remember how much)

Bracelets and Eearing: Cato I think they were around $3 each

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday calls for a happy dress, don't you think? This is one of my fun finds from the Catholic church sale - it's very comfortable and fits perfectly. If you can zoom in on the necklace, you will see that it is a vintage fish pin I attached to a plain gold chain. Both pieces were from my late mother-in-law. She would have enjoyed this blog...my MIL was a very fashionable lady! She always looked put together, even on the ordinary days. And she LOVED shopping at thrift stores! I miss you, Mom G. ♥

One question about this dress, now that I've seen the photos DH took for me this morning....should I shorten it up a bit? Do you think it would look better at mid-knee or just above?

Dress - thrifted
Shrug - JC Penney's
Necklace - inherited from MIL
Purse - Kohl's
Peep-toes - Kmart

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What do you think?

I joined The Girls on Friday morning for our monthly trip to a neighboring town. The Catholic church there has a "yard sale" each month in a big building behind the chapel. The weather was cold and rainy, so I dug out a sweater and my black boots for one (hopefully) last wear of the season. It felt like a skirt day, despite the chilly rain, so the outfit on the left is the one I first put together. After I took a quick peek at the photos before heading out the door, I decided this particular skirt with this sweater makes me look short and dumpy. By this time, I was running a few minutes late so I hastily shed the skirt and boots and donned black knit pants and gray flats.

I had to take the second photo after I returned from my outing; thankfully you can't tell the cuffs of my pants are soaking wet!

So what do you think? Skirt & boots or pants & flats? Both were comfortable; but I am glad I ended up wearing the pants. After we got back from the sale, I stopped by CHM to see if they had any old bread for my chickens. Bread they didn't have; pallet loads of corn chips, they did! The ladies at CHM loaded my car to the limit with boxes of King Size corn chips in various flavors. Most of the bounty I delivered to our church, to be distributed at this weekend's services. I kept a couple of boxes for me and my kids. Guess what we had for supper? Chili pie! Pour chili over a pile of corn chips and enjoy!

Striped sweater - Walmart
Pink short-sleeve sweater top - ??? probably a yard sale find
Gray skirt - clothing swap with Bestie
Black boots - JC Penney's
Black knit pants - eBay
Gray flats - eBay

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Tuesday was one of those ordinary days, but I did make an effort to do myself up just a bit (which is the whole point of this blog - to keep me from looking like a dumpy old broad!). Most of the day was spent cleaning house and sorting through the living room cabinet for yard sale fodder. I did venture out of the house after DH got home from work - we donated blood at the Red Cross.

Since the trees are sporting new leaves and blooms, I wanted to do my photo outside. Normally, my camera takes better photos outdoors. However, I don't have a tripod, so finding a place where the camera can safely balance is a trick. Finally settled on the propane tank hinge. Alas, all the photos were blurry and shadowy. This is the best one - and that's not sayin' much!

White with gold stripes button-down shirt - yard sale
Lavender print tee - yard sale
Jeans - yard sale
Laser-cut bronze flats - Target clearance shelf

A word on the jeans.... I decided to retire the dark-wash wide-leg jeans that I was wearing a few posts ago. Not only had I put in a big tuck in the waste, but also used a safety pin to tuck it even more - and they were still too big! The jeans I'm wearing in this post, amazingly enough, have the exact same number on the tag as the newly retired jeans, but were too tight until now. And I had to put a tuck in the waste of these jeans, too! Now if I can keep this trend going...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's a dress day!

Since the weather has been so nice lately I decided to finally wear a dress to church this morning.  I felt girly and it was very nice!  But I was on video camera duty this morning and didn't think about where I'd clip the walky talky to my dress.  I had to just hold it in my lap but it worked out okay.
Purple Daisy Fuentez dress from Kohl's clearance and shoes were a hand-me-down from my little sister.

A Windy Summer Day in April

We seem to have gone straight from winter to summer here in Kansas. Just a few days ago, I plugged in the space heater while giving the dogs a bath. Yesterday and today, the ceiling fans are doing their best to keep us cool. I'm sure that we'll be digging out sweaters and fuzzy slippers again in a few days, too. What a roller coaster ride the weather can be this time of year!

For today's Sunday-go-to-meeting outfit, I chose comfort and ease of movement, since I was helping provide breakfast for the Bible study hour. Everything in this ensemble, except for the purse, was a thrifted item!

Yellow button-down top - Bargain Shop
Floral skirt - Goodwill
Red open-toe slides - Thrift Store
Necklace - yard sale
"Gold" hoop earrings - ??? (I think they have been in my jewelry box since high school!)
Purse of Awesomeness - New York Fashion Exchange

Maybe it was just the angle of the pose, but I don't think this outfit is terribly figure flattering for me. The shirt emphasizes the size of my tummy. But tucking in a shirt never looks right, either, at this weight. Oh, I am really looking forward to the day when these extra pounds are history! At least I hope they will be history one day. If not, I may start wearing muumuus....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here's what I wore to church today: one of the dresses purchased on the Thrift Store Shopping Day with the Young At Heart group from church. It's a little big in the shoulders. I need to ask Mary how to fix this, if I can. The dress is fully lined, so I imagine fixing it will involve tearing the entire top apart and re-sewing. Not appealing. It was rather warm in church today, and since the dress is a heavier fabric and it's lined, I've decided it may be best to wear the dress only during cool weather. So my ideas of wearing a jacket over it or a turtleneck under it might fix the loose shoulder problem without involving any sewing.

Dress: thrift store
Shoes: gift from sisters (they each gave me one shoe for Christmas a couple of years ago!)
Necklace: Target, I think

I'd planned to do a post of an ordinary day's attire this past week, but my cold caught up to me after buzzing about with Bestie. I spent three days feeling like I'd been run over by a truck. So, this week will be "Ordinary Days" week!

PS ~ Yes, I did dye my hair. No, I am NOT going goth! It was supposed to be Medium Natural Brown, not Almost Black. Good thing it's the wash-out kind! I'll be back to normal in a couple of weeks.