Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter outfit

I didn't buy anything new specifically for Easter but this was the first time I wore this dress.  I got it on the clearance rack at Wal Mart a month or so ago.  Since it was so chilly I grabbed my white cardigan to wear over it.  I paired it with a sparkly silver necklace and earrings and my bone colored heels.  I really like the colors in this dress and the length of it but it's a bit big on the top.  But that's what happens when you are a size smaller on top than you are on bottom.
Cardigan - JCPenny's clearance rack $5
Dress - Wal Mart clearance rack $5 (I think)
Shoes - at least 10 years old so I don't remember how much or where
Necklace - Big Lots $3
Earrings - Wal Mart $1.50 with a matching necklace on clearance
Ring - (even though you can't really see it) Kohl's $8

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Melissa said...

What a great looking bunch! You are a rose among Flowers, Bev. ;) And I have the same problem with dresses, which is one reason I lean toward styles that are flowy on the bottom so I can buy a size that fits on top.