Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Tuesday was one of those ordinary days, but I did make an effort to do myself up just a bit (which is the whole point of this blog - to keep me from looking like a dumpy old broad!). Most of the day was spent cleaning house and sorting through the living room cabinet for yard sale fodder. I did venture out of the house after DH got home from work - we donated blood at the Red Cross.

Since the trees are sporting new leaves and blooms, I wanted to do my photo outside. Normally, my camera takes better photos outdoors. However, I don't have a tripod, so finding a place where the camera can safely balance is a trick. Finally settled on the propane tank hinge. Alas, all the photos were blurry and shadowy. This is the best one - and that's not sayin' much!

White with gold stripes button-down shirt - yard sale
Lavender print tee - yard sale
Jeans - yard sale
Laser-cut bronze flats - Target clearance shelf

A word on the jeans.... I decided to retire the dark-wash wide-leg jeans that I was wearing a few posts ago. Not only had I put in a big tuck in the waste, but also used a safety pin to tuck it even more - and they were still too big! The jeans I'm wearing in this post, amazingly enough, have the exact same number on the tag as the newly retired jeans, but were too tight until now. And I had to put a tuck in the waste of these jeans, too! Now if I can keep this trend going...


lantabmom said...

You look very put together. And woo hoo on having to put tucks in the jeans!!!

Bflowers said...

LIKE! I can tell that you are getting smaller! I need to buckle down and get to work on weeding out all the clothes that don't fit but I'm dreading seeing just how many things I'll have to get rid of.

Melissa said...

Thank you, my sisters!