Saturday, April 16, 2011

What do you think?

I joined The Girls on Friday morning for our monthly trip to a neighboring town. The Catholic church there has a "yard sale" each month in a big building behind the chapel. The weather was cold and rainy, so I dug out a sweater and my black boots for one (hopefully) last wear of the season. It felt like a skirt day, despite the chilly rain, so the outfit on the left is the one I first put together. After I took a quick peek at the photos before heading out the door, I decided this particular skirt with this sweater makes me look short and dumpy. By this time, I was running a few minutes late so I hastily shed the skirt and boots and donned black knit pants and gray flats.

I had to take the second photo after I returned from my outing; thankfully you can't tell the cuffs of my pants are soaking wet!

So what do you think? Skirt & boots or pants & flats? Both were comfortable; but I am glad I ended up wearing the pants. After we got back from the sale, I stopped by CHM to see if they had any old bread for my chickens. Bread they didn't have; pallet loads of corn chips, they did! The ladies at CHM loaded my car to the limit with boxes of King Size corn chips in various flavors. Most of the bounty I delivered to our church, to be distributed at this weekend's services. I kept a couple of boxes for me and my kids. Guess what we had for supper? Chili pie! Pour chili over a pile of corn chips and enjoy!

Striped sweater - Walmart
Pink short-sleeve sweater top - ??? probably a yard sale find
Gray skirt - clothing swap with Bestie
Black boots - JC Penney's
Black knit pants - eBay
Gray flats - eBay

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lantabmom said...

I prefer the black pants and flats with the sweater, the black really pops in this outfit and makes a bold look. I really like that sweater!