Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Windy Summer Day in April

We seem to have gone straight from winter to summer here in Kansas. Just a few days ago, I plugged in the space heater while giving the dogs a bath. Yesterday and today, the ceiling fans are doing their best to keep us cool. I'm sure that we'll be digging out sweaters and fuzzy slippers again in a few days, too. What a roller coaster ride the weather can be this time of year!

For today's Sunday-go-to-meeting outfit, I chose comfort and ease of movement, since I was helping provide breakfast for the Bible study hour. Everything in this ensemble, except for the purse, was a thrifted item!

Yellow button-down top - Bargain Shop
Floral skirt - Goodwill
Red open-toe slides - Thrift Store
Necklace - yard sale
"Gold" hoop earrings - ??? (I think they have been in my jewelry box since high school!)
Purse of Awesomeness - New York Fashion Exchange

Maybe it was just the angle of the pose, but I don't think this outfit is terribly figure flattering for me. The shirt emphasizes the size of my tummy. But tucking in a shirt never looks right, either, at this weight. Oh, I am really looking forward to the day when these extra pounds are history! At least I hope they will be history one day. If not, I may start wearing muumuus....


Bflowers said...

It may just be the angle like you said. Maybe a skinny belt to draw attention to the smallest part of your waste would help too. Love the shoes and purse!

lantabmom said...

I think B is right with adding a skinny belt maybe. I really like that skirt and love the purse. I had intentions of having J take my pic today since I wore my black dress and new black shoes that I got from Target (same as yours, M) but I forgot until after I had changed. :)

Melissa said...

I thought of wearing a skinny belt, too, but the problem with that is the pleated detail of the shirt under the bustline. My camera doesn't do a very good job of capturing little details like that, so you can't see it in the photo. A belt would not have worked with that shirt, unfortunately. L, I'm sure you looked cute in your black dress and new black shoes! Maybe you can use the timer on your camera? I've figured out that if I don't take the pic before we leave for church, it's just not gonna happen.

Bflowers said...

I clicked on the picture and then zoomed in and then I could see the pleating. Yea, a skinny belt wouldn't work with it.