Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cleaning Day!

Tuesday was a hot, sticky day. The entire area set record highs for the second day in a row. We don't have our new heating and air unit installed yet, so I dressed as coolly as possible for a day of cleaning. DH had finished putting in the window and outside wall for the laundry room, so my job was to clean and put things back to rights. Plus, I need to give the rest of the house a thorough scrubbing. A sundress and flip-flops fit the bill! No jewelry...sorry, I'm not June Cleaver in nearly 100° temps!

Navy sundress - gift from B (she has good taste!)
Butterfly flip-flops - Walmart clearance
Awesome clear latex gloves - Walmart (oh, yes, clear latex gloves are hot accessories for cleaning ladies!)

Three hours later, the dress and I looked like we'd been crawling through a dusty sauna, but the house was clean and the laundry room intact!


lantabmom said...

The sun dress is cute and comfy, glad you could lay back with an icey drink after all that cleaning. Thankgoodness the hot weather is going away for a little bit!

Bflowers said...

You're so funny! Love that you posted about an ordinary day in housewifedom and that you looked so cute too. Now we're pulling out the cool weather clothes again. Lady Kansas is at it again!