Saturday, May 14, 2011

A fun little project

While out shopping with Bestie a couple of weeks ago, I saw some cute flower hair clips at Penney's. They were extremely simple looking - just a silk flower on a bobby pin. I didn't think I should waste my $10 coupon on something I could make myself for next to nothing! So...yesterday I purchased a package of 12 hair clips (which stay in my hair better than bobby pins) and two flower stems - all for about $4. A snip here, add a little glitter there, pop it with some hot glue -- and now I have a garden of clips! I can use them in my hair...or to adorn my hat. FUN!!


lantabmom said...

We love flower clips. I've been buying them but wanted to try making them myself. Walmart doesn't have the kind of flowers that would work, they aren't flat enough. Yours look great!

Melissa said...

I did buy these flowers at Walmart. I had to dig to find them, tho. They were in the 94¢ pile. They flatten out with a little encouragement ;)

Bflowers said...

Very nice! I made a version of these (homemade fabric flowers) for myself and a few other people. I put them on a clip as well which makes it more versatile. I like to clip mine to a shirt or cardigan too. I could even clip it to a purse or bag or necklace or... :o)