Thursday, May 5, 2011


Since Easter, I have been busy - going through every single room in the house, weeding out stuff for a garage sale. Had the sale this past Saturday and got rid of a good portion of it. Thank goodness! We are in the early stages of a house remodeling job, so the less stuff we have sitting around, the better.

This outfit was from the Monday after Easter. It was comfortable yet not too boring. Did some shopping that day, as I recall. And walked for miles in Menard's. That store is absolutely HUGE!

3/4 Sleeve top: JC Penney's
Brown cargo pants: JC Penney's
Scarf: thrifted
Shoes: Fashion Bug (before they closed, my fave store, boo hoo!)

Next for the temporary bedroom. I was unable to ignore the beach towel curtains, left from when Son lived in this room. I found these homey quilted valences at a thrift store. Originally, I planned to add panels made from a king size sheet that was an eggshell color & had beautiful eyelet along the edge. However, despite the fact they are small windows, a king size sheet did not provide enough material for two panels. So, I dug through my fabric dresser and came across some lace yardage. Good second choice, I think! Except that we now have no need of an alarm clock; the sun beams into the east window quite early. And at night, the yard light in the pasture next door shines just a little too much for me to sleep well. So, to help alleviate these issues, I pinned a heavy white fabric behind the lace of the east window panel. It didn't help much. But now that summer is approaching, and I like to rise early to beat the heat, this isn't bothering me anymore.

Last Thursday was Book Club meeting. One of the ladies brought a slew of beautiful hats in the most amazing hat boxes. She'd gotten them at a yard sale for $1 each! (A woman after my own heart! LOL) She wanted us to wear hats in honor of the Royal Wedding - we happily complied! After Book Club was finished for the evening, she let us take home a hat or two to keep. I just adore the two hats she gave me! Since they are both wool hats, I won't wear them until fall, but I just couldn't resist sharing them now. I've always admired hats, but never knew how to chose one that looks good on me. I'm trusting that the Book Club ladies are correct in saying that these two are appropriate for gracing my noggin.

Now I think I want to find some breezy summer hats! Then I won't have to worry if my hair looks horrid. Which happens a lot with the wind in Kansas.

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