Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I hopped in my car after church and took a Sunday drive to visit my Mama. Between B, Mom & I, we set a fine Mother's Day table and enjoyed our time together. And since we sisters had stayed in our church outfits, it seemed a good idea to have A snap a few pics of us together for our bloggety blog. I like that A captured us laughing in this shot. We do have a lot of fun together, B & I! Note that I am standing on a flat stone; even tho I'm also wearing heels, I'm still considerably shorter than my little sister! Huh...I'm shorter than both my little sisters! And, at the time, I'm wider than both of them, too. Hence, my theme song..."I'm a little teapot, short and stout".... Anyway...I'm chasing rabbits. I think I get that from my Dachshunds.

White jacket: JC Penney's
Pink tee: Walmart
Floral skirt: I think it came from Penney's - I've had it a long time!
White sling-back wedges: eBay
Necklace & bracelet: JC Penney's (Mother's Day gifts from DH)

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lantabmom said...

You both look great! Love the outfits.