Monday, May 9, 2011

Stylin' Sisters

Yesterday, my sister and I spent the afternoon with our Mommy for Mother's Day.  We brought lunch and dessert to serve to her so she didn't have to do any cooking but because I didn't bring a veggie she did the mom thing and fixed a veggie.  We had a lot of fun talking about recipes, flowers, looking at the family wedding scrapbook, and sipping on coffee and tea after we ate.  I've always loved having laughs and good times talking with my mom and sisters!  Some of my favorite memories are of my mom being silly and laughing with us!
Before we had to leave, M and I had my oldest take a picture for the blog.  It was super windy so the location wasn't the greatest.  After about 20 takes (and some photo fusing) this is the best one I got!
I felt pretty in this outfit and M looked so put together and springy in her outfit! 
Top: Kmart clearance $5
Belt: came with a pair of pants
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: hand-me-downs from M
Earrings: Dollar General clearance
Ring: Kohl's

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Melissa said...

You know what's funny? When I saw your shoes, I thought "those are really cute - just what I've been looking for!" LOL After a while, tho, I remembered that I had given them to you after a "shoe weeding". As I recall, those sandals were just a little too big for me and my feet slid forward too much. I'm glad they fit you nicely - they are super cute on you!