Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Re-Make

In keeping with my goal of completing one sewing/craft project each week this summer, I picked an easy re-make for this week. I found this skirt at the Catholic church's monthly sale for 25¢. It's a light, breezy silk with a "dry clean only" label. I'm guessing that its previous owner did NOT dry clean it, since the under-skirt peeks beneath the hem.
The first thing I did was to remove that under-skirt. I realize its purpose was to give the skirt body and keep it from being see-thru, but it was 100% polyester (read: HOT!). My plans for this skirt don't include wearing it out in public, so I could care less if it's got body or if you can see thru it.
Next step was to shorten the hem. The length of the skirt was OK, but I prefer my skirts to come just above my knees for ease of movement. At first, I'd planned to put the new hem in by hand, since it would look nicer. But considering it's been over 100° outside this week, and we don't have air conditioning, I seriously doubt my patience would endure long enough to hem by hand. Also, since this is going to be a "house skirt", who cares if it's got a machined hem? The dogs and the chickens could care less! In fact, they probably wonder why on earth I wear clothes in the first place in this heat! So...snip off several inches, pin, sew, iron...ready to wear!
I really do prefer wearing a skirt rather than shorts in the summer, especially this light-as-air silk skirt! It's like wearing nothing at all, so cool and comfortable. Granted, it may look better with the shirt tucked in, but I'd fry crispy if I did that. Loose and free, that's the way to be on a HOT Kansas summer day!

I was feeding bread to the ducks in the right-hand picture. They were a little camera-shy this morning.

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