Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've done a little shopping...

I had an appointment in town yesterday, so decided to do some "fun shopping" since I was going alone. Normally, I get to town as early as possible in the morning so I can get home before it becomes unbearably hot. Not so yesterday! It hit 100° before noon! And my appointment was at 2pm, so I didn't leave the house until 11am, and had to do the essential grocery shopping after the appointment. OH MY!!! This should cure me of afternoon shopping in the summer time! I managed to find shade in which to park at all but two stores, but still the car was like an oven. I could have baked cookies on the dashboard!

There were a few things I had in mind to find on my shopping quest - NONE of which were found, alas. But I did come home with some fun things:

Target always has great jewelry at very reasonable prices. I saw the set of three earrings with the bees on the regular priced section...and then saw this one missing the pearl earrings on clearance for only $2.06! I didn't want the pearls or the crystals - only the bees. Score for me! The necklace was more than I would normally pay, even on clearance, but, then, I am cheap. I absolutely love it, however, and know that I will be wearing it a LOT, so I splurged the $10.48. My favorite part - the swallow on the shortest chain. I've admired the image of a swallow for quite some time, and in fact, purchased a cheap-o necklace at Walmart a few months ago that has a teal swallow on a silver tree for the charm. should be some swallow earrings...or a bracelet...

One of the items on my hunting list is a chocolate brown silk scarf, which I need in order to finish one of my re-make projects. Any other time it would be easy to conjure one up, but I've had absolutely NO luck whatsoever! Thinking perhaps I'd find a fake silk scarf at Dollar Tree, I dashed in there. No scarf, of course, but I did find three ___, which I plan to use as gifts, and a package of No-Slips. I think it was Hope, of blog Hope And The Dress Code, who mentioned these things a couple of months ago as a remedy for heels that allow your foot to slide forward, squishing your poor toes to death. For $1, it was worth giving them a shot.

At that point, since my window of shopping opportunity was a short 30 minutes at the mall, my only purchases there were the free panties at Victoria's Secret (don't you just LOVE those coupons?) and a bran muffin at Mrs. Powell's. I was proud of myself for choosing the muffin. The raspberry/white chocolate scone looked ever so much more appealing, but the muffin had fiber, so I made the better choice. Plus, the muffin was only a buck. And I'm cheap.

The white sack at the top left corner of this pick contains the items I purchased during my shopping spree that I will give as gifts throughout the next year. Don't my sisters wish they knew what was in there??? Ha ha!! I enjoy shopping for Christmas and birthdays all year 'round, so there isn't the last-minute hassle of rounding up goodies for my lovies. Although, that's exactly what ended up happening for my little niece, T. Her 4th birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I had nothing stashed ahead of time for her! Thankfully, helped me out a few days ago and her gift is en route. (L, I am planning to send it with Mom & Dad when they make the trip out to visit you next week, assuming it arrives in my mailbox in time.)

As for the other items....the monogram wall hanging was found in the 90% off aisle at Hobby Lobby for a measly $1.20. It is now hanging on my living room wall while it awaits its final destination. I'm thinking possibly the new screened-in porch my DH will build someday soon. The super-cute butter yellow cross-body purse was purchased at K-Mart for $6.00. It's a little smaller than my usual purse, but since I don't need to pack for kids in tow any longer, it should be fine. Lastly, the black jeans....I've been wanting some black jeans for quite some time, and have had the most difficult time finding any that fit correctly. Enter Target and the 70% off rack. These Merona boot cut pants fit just right - and I was able to get a size 12! All my current size 14s are loose enough they must be worn with a safety pin or a tuck, so it's nice to know I'm not just stretching out the fabric. Oh, and the jeans cost around $11, so the price was right, too.

I'd hoped to find a top in teal, a red necklace, perhaps a floral skirt, and that stinkin' elusive brown scarf, but I was quite happy with the goods I did find. After dashing through two grocery stores, loading up on fresh produce and a frozen pizza to make a fast supper when I got home, my last stop was Dairy Queen, to use my BOGO coupon for Blizzard treats. I think that Oreo Blizzard was the only thing that redeemed my tardiness for DH. The poor man was starving to death by the time I got home! I'm thinking about the remains of my own Triple Chocoholic Blizzard in the freezer....

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