Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally got this re-make finished!

I picked up this cute maternity skirt for a quarter at a yard sale earlier this summer:

No, I'm not barefoot and pregnant....just barefoot and fat! LOL

Since I didn't want to sacrifice the awesome teal zig-zaggy pattern at the bottom of the skirt, and because this style of skirt only makes my chubbiness more obvious, I decided to turn this skirt into a sundress. The first thing to go was the t-shirt knit belly band; I put in a casing and added elastic. Going strapless wasn't going to be a good idea, because one good tug from little Boo and that dress would come right down. Yikes! So I hunted for weeks and weeks to find a simple brown silk rectangular scarf. I didn't want to spend much on the scarf, since the skirt had only cost 25¢, but I couldn't even find a new brown scarf in any stores! At one point, I figured I should come up with a back-up plan in case the elusive brown scarf never materialized. So I bought a roll of extra-wide brown satin ribbon at Wal-Mart for a buck. The ribbon would make decent shoulder straps. But I wasn't quite ready to give up on my original vision...

And last week, while at Grand Old Trunk thrift store....there it was!!! A simple brown rectangular scarf!!! For $1! Yay!!!

I gathered the scarf at the center point and attached it to the middle of the dress front (which is the old skirt back; maternity skirts hang low in the front, so it was best to turn the thing around for balance). The scarf is now a halter-style tie for the dress!

To define the waist, I was going to add some thin elastic. However, my sewing machine isn't overly fond of slick fabric, so I opted to use a skinny brown belt instead. I've also got a wide woven leather belt that would look cute for a more casual look.

Here's the finished product, with skinny belt and a little bling added to the tie:

Once again, I must apologize for the blurry photo. Apparently, it's not the batteries but the self-timer setting that is the problem. Perhaps a new camera is in order...

For a more covered-up look, I can tie the scarf in a bow and add a shrug:

I think this is my most favorite re-make that I've done yet! And it was so cheap! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Go To Meetin'

Today was Rally Day - our church's kick-off to the Sunday School year. The youth led an outdoor service under a giant tent and we had a "tailgate" potluck picnic afterward. Everyone was encouraged to go casual and wear their favorite team's gear. Unfortunately, I am too fat to wear my old PSU t-shirts, so I opted for this casual look instead. And I could have worn denim shorts instead of the jean skirt, but I just can't bring myself to wear shorts to Sunday morning church, even if it is under a tent in the back yard.

Print top: JCP clearance rack (80¢ after coupon!)
Jean skirt: thrifted
Clarks sandals: eBay
Silver-tone hoop earrings: Walmart
Real tarnishes-in-a-heartbeat silver beaded bracelet: yard sale

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catch up

I haven't been posting my outfits mainly because of how busy I've been but also because the heat just did not motivate me to be "fashionable" but rather to wear cool clothing.  And that usually isn't anything post worthy.  But here are a few outfits that I did put a little effort into.
I wore this outfit to church a couple weeks ago.  Ruffle top - Cato, pants - thrifted, cardigan - JCPenny, shoes - Target.

Sorry for the bad picture quality but I was rushing to take the pic while the hubster was getting ready to go out on our anniversary date.  Top - Kohl's, jeans - JCPenny (I think), cardigan - Old Navy, sandals - Kmart, necklace - Walmart.  Pardon all the shoes in the background.  I have close to 70 pair that need to be weeded since I obviously don't have room to store all of them!

Is it a shirt or a dress?

Sorry the pic is blurry. I've been having problems with my rechargeable batteries, which affects the focus and flash of the camera.

This is what I wore to go shopping yesterday. The "dress" is a plus-sized tunic top...I'm short enough that it's a dress on me. A bit on the short side, but no shorter than the shorts I wear. The only trouble was when the wind picked up.

Tunic top/dress: Walmart
Yellow cami: JCP, I think
Bird-in-tree necklace: Walmart
Sandals: TradeHome (yes, I wear these constantly because they are awesomely comfy!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Sunday

Pardon the squinting...that morning sun was bright!

It's been difficult to even care about putting together a decent outfit this hottest-on-record-since-1980 summer. Most of the time I look like a wilted scuzz bucket. And I really don't care! Alas, the time has come to adopt a more caring attitude. Now if the weather would just cooperate!

3/4 Sleeve Top: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Pearls: I've had them so long I don't remember where they came from, but probably thrifted!
Giant Flower Ring: not thrifted - JC Penney's
Shoes: Definitely NOT thrifted! TradeHome Shoes

Friday, August 5, 2011

Date Outfit!

DH took me on a date Thursday afternoon/evening. He'd won a pair of tickets to the civic theater's current play, so we dressed up, hopped in the car and drove to Big City. Our plans changed once we arrived at the TV station to pick up the tickets, however - they had inadvertently given away more play tickets than they actually had in their possession. As a consolation, they gave DH four movie tickets instead. We drove by the cinema, but nothing showing looked appealing to either of us. So we will save those for another date.

The date was not a total wash, however. DH got fitted for his tux for his brother's upcoming wedding, I used my free undies coupon from Victoria's Secret, and we roamed around Home Depot filling a cart with odds and ends for The House Project. Then we had a very fine supper On The Border, followed by ice cream cones at Spangles (a tradition of ours whenever we travel to Big City). DH and I were kind of relieved not to get home late, although we were disappointed to miss the play. For some reason, this week, we've been going to bed by 9:30 and I wake up around 5am (DH sleeps a little later, but only about an hour). So it was nice to crash at our usual time.

As evidenced by the lack of posting on this blog the last couple of months, summer is not a very fashionable season for me, even by my low standards. It's all I can do to wear clothes, much less coordinate an outfit! (No, I don't streak...I just wear the lightest possible shorts & tees or dresses, barefoot, no jewelry - not even my wedding rings most of the time due to swollen digits.) We were blessed with a COOL FRONT yesterday (high reached a chilly 92°!), so I was inspired to don real clothes for once!

White t-shirt: Walmart
Old Navy tiered skirt: thrifted
Scarf-belt: thrifted
Necklace: Target
Sandals: shoe fairy

Sorry for the poor quality photo...I forgot to snap a pic before we left, so a mirror shot was the best I could do after we got back.