Friday, August 5, 2011

Date Outfit!

DH took me on a date Thursday afternoon/evening. He'd won a pair of tickets to the civic theater's current play, so we dressed up, hopped in the car and drove to Big City. Our plans changed once we arrived at the TV station to pick up the tickets, however - they had inadvertently given away more play tickets than they actually had in their possession. As a consolation, they gave DH four movie tickets instead. We drove by the cinema, but nothing showing looked appealing to either of us. So we will save those for another date.

The date was not a total wash, however. DH got fitted for his tux for his brother's upcoming wedding, I used my free undies coupon from Victoria's Secret, and we roamed around Home Depot filling a cart with odds and ends for The House Project. Then we had a very fine supper On The Border, followed by ice cream cones at Spangles (a tradition of ours whenever we travel to Big City). DH and I were kind of relieved not to get home late, although we were disappointed to miss the play. For some reason, this week, we've been going to bed by 9:30 and I wake up around 5am (DH sleeps a little later, but only about an hour). So it was nice to crash at our usual time.

As evidenced by the lack of posting on this blog the last couple of months, summer is not a very fashionable season for me, even by my low standards. It's all I can do to wear clothes, much less coordinate an outfit! (No, I don't streak...I just wear the lightest possible shorts & tees or dresses, barefoot, no jewelry - not even my wedding rings most of the time due to swollen digits.) We were blessed with a COOL FRONT yesterday (high reached a chilly 92°!), so I was inspired to don real clothes for once!

White t-shirt: Walmart
Old Navy tiered skirt: thrifted
Scarf-belt: thrifted
Necklace: Target
Sandals: shoe fairy

Sorry for the poor quality photo...I forgot to snap a pic before we left, so a mirror shot was the best I could do after we got back.

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