Friday, October 7, 2011

As The Wind Blows

Kansas is living up to its name this week - that South Wind is gusting like wild! I've been out and about the last couple of days, so tried to put together outfits that would withstand the 40+ mph breezes. Thursday's outfit didn't quite make the grade:

It's hard to tell in the pic, but the outer shirt really is pink, not tan. And I've decided that I don't like how it looks or fits on me. I had to button the top button to keep it from flying off of me when I got out of the car, and that really didn't look very good. It's just not the right shape for me. So off to the give-away pile it goes!

Light pink floral outer top (worn as a jacket): thrifted
Brown tank: JC Penney's
Dark denim skirt: can't remember (I've had it a while.)
Black Hills gold necklace & earrings: gifts from Hubby
Brown flats: not sure...maybe Payless? (I've had them a while, too.)

Today's outfit was much more wind-proof, and I liked how it looked a lot more, too. Comfort was key, since I had errands to run downtown and worked at the church library for a few hours. This librarian climbs on chairs, crawls around on the floor and runs up & down stairs, so no dainty clothes for me!

Dark pink top: thrifted
White capris: thrifted
Belt: swiped off a dress in my re-make pile
Bracelet: JC Penney's
Dansko sandals: Tradehome Shoes

Sorry about the weird bathroom mirror pics. I've been in a rush and it's faster than messing with the timer on the camera.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Why don't you try that belt from the second picture with the pink shirt buttoned some over the tank? Just a thought because I like brown and turquoise. (Well, and pink, too.)

Shey said...

Hi! I like pink, it's one sweet color on you. I hope you have a great day! =)