Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A month of PINK!!!

Melissa of A Working Mom's Closet has challenged her fellow fashion bloggers to wear pink this month; she's calling it Blogging for Breast Cancer A-wear-ness. I've decided to take up the challenge, so stay tuned for a month of pink frumpyness!

Due to being out of town several days for my hubby's twin brother's wedding, this is the first entry I've been able to make this month. I have worn some element of pink each day - I just haven't always been able to take pictures. And since I still use a "stupid phone" and my only computer is a desk model, I'm unable to blog away from home. Therefore, we will have to play catch-up once in a while.

Oct 1
Taken in our hotel room just before dashing out the door to help set up the reception hall...
PINK cardigan - yard sale
Sequined top - Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans - thrifted
Dachshund necklace - gift from Mom
(Good thing you can't see the shoes I'm wearing - sneakers! Hey, I was going to be running like a mad woman and needed my tootsies to be comfortable.)

Oct 2

No pic. Pink element was a pink ribbon pinned to my jacket.

Oct 3

No pic again. Wore a pink striped t-shirt with shorts. Summer came back. Boo hiss.

Oct 4
Special guest appearance by my sister-in-law (Monday was her last day here at the Farm.) I miss you already, C! I'm not much of a vest person, but picked up this light-weight drapey one off the clearance rack at JCP a couple of weeks ago, thinking it might come in handy for layering. Still not sure I like it on me, tho.

PINK floral shirt - thrifted
Vest - JC Penney
Denim shorts - thrifted
Again, you don't want to see my shoes. ha ha! I think I was still wearing my "chicken pen" shoes. Ew!

Oct 5
It's feeling like summer again today, with a strong south wind (hence the tousled 'do), so I opted for something to keep me cool as I catch up on laundry today.
Black shirt - thrifted
White capris - thrifted
PINK medallion necklace - made by my sister Bev
Shoes - Payless

I didn't wear pink at the wedding, simply because I forgot to pack the wrap I'd intended to wear with my dress. Here we are at the reception, near the end of the evening, after I'd removed my heels and the sunflower corsage that I couldn't secure properly.
Isn't my DH handsome in a tux? It was a beautiful wedding! We wish D & J many, many happy years together!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Great Outfits

Bflowers said...

Great post, Sis! I didn't know about the challenge but I'm not sure I could do it anyway since I don't have much pink (not a big fan of it). You and your DH looked fabulous in your wedding attire!

Grammy Goodwill said...

My favorite is the black top and white capris. I like the shoes with it, too.