Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More splashes of pink

I have yet to wear pink as the main focal point of my outfit, but am getting at least one component of pink each day. Here's what I wore to church Sunday:

This is an "all clearance" outfit! I'd found the skirt and jacket at Penney's about a month ago, but even tho they were both on clearance, I still didn't feel I could justify spending $30 on an outfit that will only be worn to church. (Yes, the jacket can also be worn with jeans, but still...) If I had a job that required dressing nicely, it would have been fine, but this is not the kind of thing I wear in my housewife job. So, I put the jacket and skirt back on the rack.

Then, on the day I went shopping with my sister-in-law CL, we visited Penney's to use our $10 coupons. And guess what? Just that morning, they had marked down my jacket and skirt! After the coupon, the cost was only $15 for both pieces! Yay!

Zip-waist jacket: JC Penney's
Green print skirt: JC Penney's
Pink tank: clearance
Shoes: Payless clearance (only $4 after BOGO!)
Tiny cross necklace: can't remember, I've had it forever
Gold heart bracelet: gift from Mom

Monday Oct 10

No pic - wore a pink striped top with comfy pants, since I cleaned house for a lady and anticipated taking Boo with me to visit my grandparents (Boo's great-great-grands!). Didn't end up with Boo, but it was nice to be comfy anyway.

Tuesday Oct 11

This is what I wore for Book Club meeting Tuesday evening:

PINK sweater: not really sure where this came from! Found it in the bottom drawer of my sweater chest. ??
Striped shirt: JC Penney's (I shop there a lot!)
Brown cargo pants: JC Penney's a few years ago
Brown Skechers shoes: Fashion Bug (before they left our mall several years ago, boo-hoo!)
"Coin" necklace: yard sale


Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute outfits

Melissa said...

Thanks, Amy!