Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a very Happy Day ~ it's my Dear Hubby's birthday! He's so very precious to me, I can't imagine life without him. God has indeed blessed us with this life we have together!

Thursday, I went to town for a few groceries and a birthday gift for my D. My parents, brother and sister-in-law came for a visit in the evening. We sure enjoyed the time with them!

I'm still trying to find my style...and right now, it's all about comfort and ease of movement. I've been having pain issues, so "cute" is taking a back seat to "comfort". My red hat adds a splash of color, tho, so I'm not completely frumpy.

Gray/Black/White striped sweater: Walmart
Gray striped t-shirt: Walmart
Black jeans: Target
Red felt hat: gift from a friend
Red sea glass necklace: eBay
White flower ring: JC Penney's
Black shoes: thrifted

Friday - today - is D's birthday! So I am trying to look nice for him, and still be comfortable so I can get things ready for celebrating. Sorry for the poor quality time for a better one!
Navy cardigan: thrifted
Striped t-shirt: ??? (there's a little PINK in the stripes!)
Jeans: Walmart
Silver earrings: JC Penney's
Dachshund necklace: gift from Mom

Just so you know I haven't abandoned wearing PINK for BBCA October, here's where the PINK has been lately:
Fun socks and PINK yoga pants for workouts! And that's all of me you're gonna see in yoga pants. LOL


lantabmom said...

I like both outfits, they do look comfortable but put together too. I love the purple sweater you gave me and the shirts too. It's so nice to have something different in my closet. The sweater I wore with a dress last Sunday, it was the same brand and the dress had purple in it. I have taken a couple pictures of my outfits but I can't figure out how to post them to the blog we share, I'm silly like that since I know I've posted at least once before. :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Your hat adds a bright touch. I really like the entire outfit. I esp like the ring. A frumpy person wouldn't have one of those.