Friday, October 14, 2011

Out on a Limb

Okay, I've done fairly subtle PINK components in my outfits so far this month, but the last two days, I've gone out on a limb. Thursday's outfit was worn to the ladies' meeting at church; purple is the official color of LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League), so pink and purple it was! Friday's outfit was so far out on a limb for me, I think I may have fallen out of the tree!

Well, here goes nothing....

Thursday....on the limb...

PINK sweater: thrifted
Purple top: Walmart (Worn only a few times and already the neckline is bagging out.)
Jeans: not sure...probably thrifted (For some reason, my favorite, best-fitting jeans always come from yard sales or thrift stores.)
Shoes: yard sale (nearly new Borns for 5 bucks? yes, please!)

And Friday....out of the tree!

Yes, I did pink and purple again! Hadn't planned to, but this was the only shirt - other than a boring ol' white - that said "kick it!" with this skirt. I thought a large floral print would have been fun, but the only shirt I own like that is the one worn yesterday. And that style would NOT go with this skirt. The scarf ties the pink and purple together with some floral tossed in. I felt fun and funky in this outfit today while I was out running errands and grocery shopping. Got a few second glances...which made me think I really had fallen out of the tree on this one...but they were all from guys in Menard's parking lot. Not exactly fashionistas, these men with tool belts hanging from beat-up jeans. Several young women smiled at me. Were they secretly laughing at the old lady who looked like a four-year-old had picked out her clothes, or did they appreciate my attempt at bold fashion? My friend TS, who was shopping at the deli ahead of me, said the outfit was awesome. She's young. And cute. I'll take her word for it!

Purple shirt: Walmart (This one is also bagging out, not only at the neck but also the sleeves. I had to push them up or else I'd look like Dopey of the Seven Dwarfs! Seriously thinking I should not buy shirts at Walmart anymore.)
PINK/white striped skirt: thrifted
PINK floral scarf: can't remember
PINK Converse sneakers: Target a LONG time ago! (I ♥ my pink Connies!)
Jewelry: silver hoop earrings and several bracelets in pink, purple and silver


Grammy Goodwill said...

I like the look of the purple shirt with your skirt. I think I would have worn a bold (bloggy word for sure) necklace in place of the scarf. (But if you knew me, you'd wonder why I even attempt to give any fashion advice.)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I really love the patterned skirt- so much fun! I've realized that I barely have any pink pieces in my wardrobe so I'm trying to stretch them out!