Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday and Friday

Yes, I have been neglecting to wear PINK the past several days. I just needed a break from it. Pink is a nice enough color, but I get sick of it quickly. This is probably due to the fact that I spent 14 years with Pepto-Bismol pink walls and carpet in the master bedroom - something I had insisted MUST be changed before we even moved into the house. Alas, there was no time to repaint the walls, and my husband informed me that it would take many gallons to cover the hideous pink, as the walls were made of old barnwood. Why on God's green earth would someone paint rustic old beautiful barn wood Pepto-Pink????? And then trim the room with baby blue??? I'm not much of an interior decorator, but even I know that color combo is enough to drive anyone insane. Come to find out, as we've removed the pink barnwood walls in The House Project, the old plaster beneath on one half of the room (that used to be two rooms in its past life) was guessed it!...PEPTO-BISMOL PINK!!!! Egads! What is with this house??? Rest assured, there will be NO MORE pink walls or carpet in this house as long as I live here!

Well, now that I've gotten that off my can understand why I've had it up to here with pink. I managed 18 days of wearing some pink component, and now I'm moving on. It's time to wear colors that don't make me angry.

Pink-less Thursday....

Pumkin 3/4 sleeve top: thrifted  --  Paisley skirt: thrifted  --  Scarf: NY Fashion Exchange  --  Belt: thrifted  --  Cowboy boots: thrifted  --  Leaf earrings: I have no idea

With the brown denim Christopher & Banks jacket (thrifted)

On Thursday, I went to town with the back seat of my car loaded with bags of culled closet contents. Some was donated to the local thrift store, but most of it was taken to a local store that gives store credit for top-quality used garments and shoes, New York Fashion Exchange. I was quite thrilled to receive $50 in credit! I'll be going back to use that credit next weekend, after I've gone through what remains of my closet to make a list of items I need. No more willy-nilly shopping!

The rest of Thursday was spent hanging out with my Bestie. She had been out of town for EVER -- something like six weeks!! -- so we had much catching up to do. However, it would have been impossible to dash around town in those uncomfortable cowboy boots. Thank goodness Bestie and I wear close to the same size shoe! She was kind enough to let me borrow her Kalso Earth slip-ons. Not only were they really cute with my outfit, but those were the MOST amazingly comfortable shoes EVER! I've had trouble with my lower back and hips for the past five years or so...Kalso Earth shoes are designed with a negative heel, which improves posture and relieves joint stress. I loved them so much I told Bestie I was going to steal them! LOL But I didn't. I bought a pair of my own on eBay that evening. Now I will be stalking the mail man (who also happens to be my husband) for a box early next week! Learn more about the amazing Kalso design here.

Friday's Double-Duty Outfit....

Mustard sweater top: thrifted  -- Plaid jacket: thrifted  -- Brown Riders pants: Walmart  --  Earrings: made by my sister Bev  Necklace: Target  -- Red Born shoes: thrifted
I had two very different activities on Friday, a funeral lunch at church and a date with my husband. It was difficult to find something that worked for both, but this outfit did the job fairly well. The jacket came off while I was working at the lunch, but I was glad to have it at the movie theater later. Hubby and I went to see the movie Courageous, which I would highly recommend. I'm pretty sure it was produced by the same folks who made Fireproof, and once again they have provided a thought provoking and inspiring film.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like that paisley skirt and pumpkin top. Those are some of my favorite colors. I wish I could see that jacket. I don't think I've ever seen brown denim. Christopher and Banks is one of my favorite stores. Date night sounded like fun, too.