Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Winds of Change

First, a little ketchup. I mean Catch-Up! It's been a few days since I've had time to post. This is what I wore to an all-day meeting on Saturday:

PINK jacket (part of a skirt suit): eBay
Cream top: Kohl's
Jeans: thrifted
Sandals: Kohl's
Necklace: from my mother-in-law's collection

Sunday's church outfit:

This entire outfit is thrifted!

No pics from Monday and Tuesday...I wore flannel shirts and jeans. Boring. Frumpy. But warm! We had a major weather change on Sunday. It was balmy and mild when we went to church; by the time we stepped out the church doors, a Big Bad North Wind had ushered in clouds and cold temps! We can't crank up the old furnace in our house due to the west wall being open to the garage, so my main goal in dressing now is keeping warm.

Here's today's outfit:

Brown cashmere sweater: thrifted and really, really old and fuzz-balled, but I love it!
Aqua tank: Target
Brown corduroy pants: can't remember...possibly thrifted
Scarf: the ONE piece of Missoni for Target that I purchased
(and the only one I really care for other than the flat shoes)
Shoes: thrifted

I've spent the past week or so sorting through my closet and totes of clothing in the storage room. There are several things I have learned in the process:
1. No less than 11 plaid flannel shirts are in my winter inventory.
2. The clothes in storage range in size from 8 to 14.
3. My wardrobe components do not work well together. 
4. I have no idea what my style is.

 Flannel is my favorite fabric to wear in winter, so I'm keeping every last one of those plaid shirts. I did set one old beat up shirt in the stack of clothes to alter; I'd like to find a way to make the boxier flannels have a little more shape, to make them at least somewhat flattering. 

I weeded out the size 8s and 10s in the totes. It's possible that someday I will lose enough weight to wear some of those things, but it won't be anytime soon. So unless the item was an absolute favorite, it went out the door. And I've decided that if in two years I haven't lost any weight, then all the rest of the smaller sizes will go. No point in denying the truth.

As for my wardrobe not working....I think it's due to my cheapskate nature and my lack of knowing how to put together an efficient wardrobe. I've always shopped off-season clearance racks, thrift stores, yard sales and hand-me-down boxes. This yields hit-and-miss pieces that I may really like, but that don't necessarily go together. Never, ever once have I shopped for the current season at regular prices for more than basic necessities like socks or camis. Reading fashion blogs has really opened my eyes to my total lack of fashion sense. And I've come to the conclusion that I seriously need help! How do I put together a well-working closet without spending much money?

My about the same as it was when I was in high school. Mixed up and not always flattering to my body shape. A hodge-podge of fashion. But I really, really want to have a style all my own! I know that I like skirts best, I'm a practical person, and although I like color, it makes me feel conspicuous. Should I go for a classic style? If so, what exactly is classic? I love a soft, feminine look. But will that make me appear even rounder than I am? Wearing nothing but black and white is beginning to sound appealing...sigh....

I really think I need my sister Bev to come help me fix this mess in my closet....or maybe she could submit me to one of those "fashion rescue" tv shows...


Bflowers said...

Oh, sis! I'm certainly not an expert in fashion. All I can offer you is a different eye and oppinion.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Let me say that I've had those same totes only my sizes included 16, which is mostly what I'm still wearing. (All of this happened in the last 9 years.) I bit the bullet a year ago and gave away the 8's and 10's to a friend who faithfully runs. (Hmm, there's a thought. No, just kidding, not for me.)
I don't think I have a style either, but I have limited my colors to orange and maroon with some neutrals thrown in. It has worked for me - but I still don't know my style.
By the way, I like your scarf. I haven't been to Target in ages. I mostly shop at Goodwill.
Sorry I can't help you. But we could hang out together and complement each other - hey, we could even compliment each other if we felt like it. hehehe

Amish Stories said...

I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories