Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just another day on the farm....

Here's a sample of what I've been wearing this week: many layers! We haven't yet cranked up Old Bessy (the furnace) and we've had several nights of below 30° temps - which makes the house quite chilly come morning! We do have a couple of small space heaters that we use during the day, but until they - and the sun - get the house warm enough to thaw the laundry soap, I pack on the layers. And drink hot coffee and hot tea. And bake! Oh, and occasionally brave the first few chilly minutes of yoga pants & tee and get good and warmed up with a workout DVD. ha ha!'s Friday's layered look:
Striped long-sleeve top: thrifted
Mustard cardigan: eBay
Brown pants: Walmart

What you can't see: a cami under the tops, leggings under the pants, and two pair of socks under my fuzzy slippers. And gloves when I do laundry. LOL

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I can feel your cold with that description of the layers. I really like that mustard cardigan.