Friday, November 11, 2011

Sister Fraus!

An unexpected blessing floated down on me early this week ~ my little sister Bev stayed overnight after our cousin D's wedding Sunday evening! She'd planned to drive home after, but she was tired and between her Dear Hubby and me, we convinced her to rest up at the G Farm B & B and travel home the next morning. Bev was nestled snug in the ancient old bed in our Gable Room (fancy name for the second story, huh?) and claimed she slept perfectly. She told me later that she awoke before my hubby and I did, so she dreamed up visions of how we could remodel the Gable Room. She had some fantastic ideas, let me tell you! And right along the same lines I've been thinking...great minds, eh?

The plan was for her to head home shortly after breakfast and for me to follow soon after so I could do my grocery shopping. However, the best laid plans of timely departure...well, they depart when it comes to two sisters who don't get to spend  much time together! First of all, I simply had to bake Espresso Chocolate Chip Scones for my special guest...and then we had to kick around ideas for the Gable Room...catch each other up on life as we know it....sip coffee....choose an outfit...and then, of course, do a photo shoot together for this post! We finally said our goodbyes around 11:30am, agreeing that it would be SO wonderful if we lived closer to one another....but that we'd probably never get anything accomplished! LOL

Here we are in my front yard (as far out of the chilly wind as we could get); Bev is wearing the fabulous outfit she wore to D's wedding and I am wearing a comfortable grocery shopping outfit that she helped me put together.

Melissa's outfit:
Striped shirt: JC Penney
White ruffled cardigan: Kohl's
Brown corduroy pants: JC Penney
Red Born Mary Jane shoes: thrifted

Bev's outfit:
Rusty orange top:
Brown cardigan:
Suede brown shoes:

Bev's closeups...
(Doesn't she look like a super model, with her hair blowing in the wind like that?)

Melissa's closeups....

Necklace: from my dear MIL's collection
Ring: thrifted
Nails: East Village by NYC
(Yipes! my hands are already starting their winterly dry old hag look!)

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Grammy Goodwill said...

You and your sister both look great. The only thing I noticed about your hands was your lovely nail polish and that beautiful ring. Silly.