Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sister Sunday

My family and I had a quick weekend vacation to visit my little sister L and her family last weekend.  We had a great time together visiting, eating her delicious home cooking, watching a movie, playing outside, carving pumpkins, etc.  We also went to their church with them on Sunday.  This is what we wore on that chilly last Sunday of October.
B:  black ruffle cami from JCPenny's, eggplant 1/2 sleeve cardigan from Kohl's (?), gray slacks Old Navy brand thrifted, silver metalic buckle flats Famous Footwear, long silver and pearl necklace Payless Shoes, "diamond" and "pearl" drop earrings handmedowns from my big sis's BFF from a very long time ago (actually wore them in my wedding 17 years ago) and silver turtle ring from Payless as well.  I don't know all the details of L's outfit but if she has the time maybe she can put them in a comment after this post.


Grammy Goodwill said...

So these are the other 2 sisters - now I think I've got it! No fair standing on the steps to look taller.

Melissa said...

You both look great! I know that L's strappy black sandals came from Target - cuz I have a pair just like them! LOL
I think I really must find a pair of gray pants so I can look sharp like my sisters! :)

lantabmom said...

Yep, sandals were on clearance at Target. Top: garage sale, with white cami Gray slacks: garage sale, black earrings: garage sale