Sunday, December 4, 2011

Me, in a Pencil Skirt???!!!

I've seen several curvy bloggers wearing pencil skirts that flatter them beautifully, but have been so hesitant to try one myself. After all, I'm not quite pear shaped, but not quite hourglass shaped, either. More like a lumpy, bottom-heavy hourglass. I was afraid a pencil skirt would just scream "HIPS!" or "BELLY!" on me. However, I am not afraid to give something new a I tried on a ponte pencil skirt while out grocery shopping last week. (Once in a while, I toss in a little "fun shopping" while loading up on flour, apples and yogurt.) Lo and behold - this pencil skirt actually looks fairly flattering on me! It must be worn with a good set of Spanx currently, as I have lately been breakfasting on cookies and snacking on sugar bombs...but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that I can wear something that doesn't hide all my lumps, and not cringe at the mirror.

Black & White jacket: thrifted
Shiny pink top: JC Penney
Black ponte pencil skirt: Walmart (yeah, I was surprised, too!)
Dachshund necklace: gift from Mom
Boots: JC Penney

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