Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Very Manic Monday!

Monday was a day full of shopping, rain, and Christmas music. I needed to be comfortable, yet didn't care to look like a frump, so this is what I wore:
Teal button-down top: thrifted
Missoni scarf: Target
Brown pants: Walmart
Brown Dansko shoes: eBay

The Weather Man said we'd have a cold rain all day, so I needed shoes that would be comfortable for being on my feet a long time and that could withstand tromping through puddles. These Danskos fit the bill perfectly! My hips and legs didn't start hurting until I left the mall - after 5 stores and about 5 hours of shopping. 

This was not my usual grocery shopping trip: since I am the Care and Needs Chairperson for our ladies' group at church, it is my privilege to coordinate the adoption of two families each Christmas. Yesterday morning, I picked up the monetary donations from our treasurer and went SHOPPING! It gives me such joy to shop for our adopted families, finding fun things to bring smiles to their faces on Christmas morning. Now I'm anxious to get the gifts delivered! That will happen later this week.

Lunch time came and went while I was out shopping. Wandering through the aisles at the grocery store, I began to feel kind of foggy and unable to think clearly. Pausing by the donut case, I diagnosed my problem as hunger. However, amazingly enough, the donuts did not look appealing to me at all, so I aimed my cart toward the deli, where what to my glazed-over eyes should appear, but expensive prepared egg salad sandwiches and eight tiny reindeer. Oh, wait..the reindeer were just hallucinations. Had to pass on the pricey sandwiches, so I wracked my sluggish brain for a cheaper but still healthy alternative. Hmmm...fruit? Sure! Off to Produce...where I picked thru the "single-ies" for a ripe banana, and then over to the bulk bins for a handful of nuts. I felt SO much better after eating my simple yet nutritious and inexpensive snack - and very proud of myself for NOT just grabbing a donut! 

Car loaded with packages and bundles, I headed home and had barely finished unpacking the car when Dear Hubby arrived home from work. He told me to hop back in the car - he wanted to take me to Big City so I could use my Old Navy gift card and Groupon deal before it expired in a few days. We'd originally planned to go to Big City today, but the Weather Man was predicting a major snow storm overnight. Neither of us likes to see a good deal go to waste, so DH said "let's go now!" I was glad my outfit was somewhat date-worthy, so I didn't need to change. DH isn't overly fond of shopping, so I was particularly touched that he had thought of taking me, after he'd delivered mail in the cold rain all day. After choosing three sweaters and a striped top at ON (for just $3.50, after gc and groupon!), we went out for dinner at Longhorn Steak House. The place was surprisingly busy, considering it was Monday, with an impending blizzard. The food was delicious, great service, nice atmosphere. Definitely worth returning again someday! 

Wardrobe lessons learned yesterday: always wear quality shoes when shopping for hours, and be sure to look nice enough for an impromptu date!


Amish Stories said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thank you very much for being a reader to my blog Amish Stories. Richard

Shey said...

Merry Christmas!