Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Khaki Skirt and a Switcheroo

I tried - really hard! - to make an outfit with the brown ruffle front top in my "use it or lose it" items, but decided that I will wait for warmer weather to attempt to incorporate that piece into my wardrobe. It's too lightweight to wear alone this time of year, and I have absolutely nothing that looks right worn over it (and why hide those awesome ruffles?!). Therefore, I am swapping the brown ruffle front top for this khaki utility jacket. It's something I got for next to nothing on clearance at Target last summer...and haven't worn yet.

For today's church outfit, I put the utility jacket with the khaki skirt (another "use it or lose it" piece).
Utility jacket - Target
Blue stripe shirt - thrifted
Light khaki skirt - thrifted
Earrings - JCP
Necklace - gift from sister Leah, I think, several years ago
Belt - thrifted
Black cowboy boots - thrifted
Blue suede purse - thrifted

Etta decided to pose with me this morning. She's the ultimate accessory! ha ha! Here's another shot DH took in our little photo session:

Not sure if you can tell or not, based on previous photos in this location, but I did clean and re-organize the bookshelf yesterday. The shelf of books at shoulder-level are ones I have not yet read. The rule is: buy new books, get rid of some old books. (I should have a similar rule for my closet!) Over the past few months, I've gotten a lot of new books - from bookstores closing, thrift stores, and close-outs from In order to fit them on my shelf, nearly two dozen books were purged and await selling at my next yard sale. 

OK, back to clothes...I liked how this outfit looked, but it was rather stiff. How do you soften up khaki? I washed both items and dried them in the dryer rather than on the clothesline, but they are still like wearing cardboard. I think I will like the jacket more this spring, when I can wear it over t-shirts. As for the skirt...I don't like how it hangs in the back (should have had DH take a picture of that) - it kind of sticks out in the middle at the hem. Very weird. But it is a nice basic.

How amazing is this belt?! I paid a whopping $1 for it at a thrift store. It's a great statement piece. I'm discovering that I like this formula: classic or simple base with one statement piece.

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lantabmom said...

I think the belt totally made the outfit. I agree with the stiffness of kahki, but the two different shades of it went well together. Love the pic of Etta too.