Friday, January 6, 2012

Robin Hood?

Teal tunic - Walmart
Cream top - JCP
Cream leggings - Walmart
Black boots - Walmart
Earrings - JCP
Bracelet - Walmart

This is what I wore on Thursday, at least to start with. Our ladies' group at church had our first executive board meeting in the afternoon, and since the weather was SO warm and sunny, I felt like wearing something light and bright. This outfit was comfortable....yet I felt it looked a bit Robin Hood-ish. Especially with the tops of the boots cuffed! I really like this tunic in the summer time, but so far, the ways I've styled it for cooler weather haven't really pleased me that much. I think that's because my chubby legs don't really look that appealing in leggings. I'm like Larry the Cucumber that way.

I changed clothes three times yesterday! After I got home from the meeting, my husband declared the rest of the day as "date time". Yay! I love, love spending time with my DH! First, we went on a hike to the I donned jeans and an old flannel shirt. Next, we went out for came the dirty jeans and on went black pants, red top with black cardi and leopard print flats. (No time for pics, sorry!) It had cooled off considerably by the time we got home, so for our snuggling on the couch to watch Antiques Roadshow session, I swapped the red and black for jammies and slippers. What a perfect date with my favorite man!

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