Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Tailoring and Another Pair of Cowboy Boots!

Since I'm only 5'2", I've had to shorten the hem of most of my pants and skirts over the years. Recently, however, I've begun experimenting with other tailoring details to make all my clothing fit better. The only thing I haven't tackled yet is a lined jacket. A retired lady from church (who made her living doing alterations) told me that whatever you want to do to the outer part of the garment, you must do the same thing to the lining in the same place, or it's going to look bunchy. I got a lined jacket at the thrift store today; the sleeves are too long, so I will be (nervously) learning how to alter a lined piece soon!

Today I decided to tailor the jeans I got from Fashion Bug a few weeks ago. They are the "Blue" Right Fit bootcut jeans, for the curvy figure. I think perhaps I should have ordered a different style. These fit nicely thru the waist and rise, but the legs are quite roomy and too long, despite being a petite size. To tailor them to fit better, first I took them in a bit in the "saddle bag" area. My legs do have saddle bags, but not enough to fill in these jeans. Next, I laid a different pair of jeans on top of these and marked the width of the legs from the knee down. After I stitched a new side seam, trimmed and finished the edges, I shortened the hem by an inch.

I forgot to take a before picture today - here's a not-very-good pic of them from a post a few days ago:
And here they are, post-tailoring:
They feel a lot less bell-bottom-y now!

This morning, my friend LR and I had our monthly thrifting session. I hoped to find some new-to-me boots...and look what I found!
They aren't in the best condition, but I like the rustic look. For $2, I can overlook a few scuffs. I'll need to add some cushion inserts, but they aren't nearly as uncomfortable as that first pair of boots I found in October. This next  pair of boots I picked up for my daughter as an early birthday gift. She loves them!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

You did a great job on those jeans. I can barely hem pants myself. I like those boots, too. I'm glad you found a pair you like.