Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears To...

...Skype with a favorite friend for the first time!

Actually, it really doesn't matter what you wear when you Skype. Our webcams aren't all that crisp and clear, and you only see from the shoulders up most of the time anyway. But both of us still made sure to fix ourselves up a little bit anyway! LOL

Navy cardigan - Old Navy
Print top - JCP
Jeans - Fashion Bug
Necklace - gift from DH 'way back when we were dating

Fashion Bug jeans come in a variety of styles to "custom fit" every woman's shape. These are pretty close to right for my shape...but not quite. They are a bit too long (even petites are usually too long for my stumpy legs) and a bit too roomy in the thighs and too much flare at the bottom of the legs. I plan to alter these jeans a bit once I clean my sewing machine and oil it up good (it doesn't like heavy fabric like denim, so I have to prep it). 

A cold front rushed in while I was Skyping with MA this morning...and now there's a stiff north wind that has blown in a bunch of dreary gray clouds to cover the sky. Without the toasty sunshine, the house has cooled off considerably, so I am thinking of changing into some much warmer clothes. Flannel sounds good about now! Snuggling with a puppy dog under a blanket would be nice, too, but I've got work to do.

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