Friday, January 13, 2012

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears To...

...Her first meeting as president of her LWML society. Yikes! My tummy was in knots, I was so nervous! We have a terrific group of ladies, however, and they helped me through the meeting. I get confused about what to say,'s ALL new to me!

Anyway, I figured I'd better wear my official LWML gear for this first meeting:
Gray hooded sweater: thrifted
Purple LWML top: LWML store
Black jeans: Target
Boots: JCP

A couple of unplanned things happened yesterday. I'd planned to spend the day working out in the morning and cooking in the afternoon, then enjoying a nice relaxing supper with my DH before going to the LWML meeting. I did manage to work out...but then my day took a detour. I wondered when this was going to happen. It does sometimes. But I have a different way of looking at interruptions or unexpected turns of events. A few days ago, my devotional reading was based on Psalm 33. The author of the devotional encourages us to see interruptions in our plans as opportunities for productivity. Instead of being frustrated or irritated about being forced to change my plans, I can see the interruption as God's surprise opportunity to do something special for Him.

So, instead of cooking up a couple of new recipes all afternoon, I ended up wearing this outfit to take my little Boo to get his stitches out. While we were in the doctor's office, my DH called and told me to get home ASAP. He needed my assistance in towing his work car home so he could replace a part that fell off. (God was watching out for him and it fell off at the end of his mail route, and one of the other route drivers drove him home.) So this wasn't just an LWML was also a Grammy outfit and a towing service outfit! LOL I ended up swapping the boots for my Dansko clogs for the meeting. My socks kept falling down in the boots, making it uncomfortable to walk. Rather than change socks, I opted to swap shoes. The church is usually overly warm and the boots might make me too hot. Besides, I knew I'd be on my feet for the meeting, and the Dansko shoes are best for that.
Earrings: LWML store
Scarf: hmmm...I have no idea where that scarf came from!
In case you're wondering, LWML stands for Lutheran Women's Missionary League. It could stand for Lovely Women Milking Llamas, but it doesn't.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Yes, I was wondering what LWML stood for. I like your outlook on the change of plans and need to read Psalm 33 myself. Have a great weekend.