Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cape Casual

Friday night, my DH and I attended our local high school's musical play, Beauty and the Beast. The kids did a wonderful job, as always, and the house was PACKED! They said it was a record attendance. This is how it should be for every show, folks!

Here's what I wore for my date night. Please keep in mind this is the middle of Kansas - farm country. It's considered "dressed up" if you wear clean jeans.
Capelet - Rue 21
Striped shirt - thrifted
Jeans - Fashion Bug
Brown boots - Fashion Bug
Earrings - JCP

The Outfit Inspiration calender for Friday called for a cape. Now, I've long admired capes. In fact, when I was a freshman in college, capes were the hot item that fall. However, I'm short and back then, I was tiny. When I tried on the capes they had back then, I looked like a little girl playing dress up! Most capes I've seen lately are also just too voluminous for my frame, despite having a lot more substance than I did X years ago. While out shopping with my daughter for her birthday a few weeks ago, I ran across this little capelet and found it to be just right! It's especially fun to whack seatmates with the dingle balls. Ha ha!


Grammy Goodwill said...

hahaha - I can just picture you whacking someone. Funny.

Melissa said...

You know it! :D