Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flannel Shirt Re-make

My DH handed me a flannel shirt the other day and said it needed to be retired. The sleeves had gotten too short for him. (We have a hard time finding shirts that fit him well - he's tall and slim. Eventually shirts shrink enough that the sleeves are too short for his long arms.) Rather than put the shirt in the rag bag, I adopted it and altered it a bit to fit me.

First step was easy - roll up the sleeves one full cuff length (I do NOT have long arms - LOL!). Next, I gathered up part of the center back and secured it with a safety pin. I wanted to be able to take it out in case I need more freedom of movement. As it turned out, I had to let out a few of the gathers; while gathering eggs, the safety pin popped open as I was crawling under the roost to get an elusive egg.

I was going to leave the length alone, but a scooped hemline just isn't good for my wide hips, so I cut off the scoop and made it a straight hem. Probably should have left the front of the shirt a bit longer; men's shirts are not shaped for boobies. Even though I am not overly endowed, it's enough to raise the front hem a bit, making the back longer. Oh well.

This shirt turned out well, I think. I do love me some flannel! :)

(Oh, man...not sure I like pics of my backside! egads...)


Grammy Goodwill said...

hehehe - I still can't believe you wrote boobies. hehehe I feel like a middle schooler giggling as I read it. I like your safety pin gathering idea. I'm filing that one away with the earring shortening necklace tip. Hmm, is there a book of frugal tips in your future?

Melissa said...

Well, it's just us girls here. I think I'm safe! LOL

Hmmm...maybe I should start writing down my frugal tips.