Friday, February 17, 2012

The Gray Sweater

Yesterday, I met my daughter in town for her doctor appointment (nothing serious, folks, just a routine thing). We stopped by Dairy Queen first and got Chocolate Cherry Blizzards. Yummy!

Gray sweater - JCP
Orange shirt - thrifted
Jeans - Fashion Bug
Finally got around to using the gray sweater from my "use it or lose it" February challenge. I really do like this sweater and its charcoal gray twin; I've simply needed the ease of a cardigan most of the winter. With this unusually warm winter, the days start out cold, so a sweater is needed. By afternoon, it's warm like spring, so you take the sweater off. That's just easier with a cardigan. But I do plan to keep these gray sweaters; they are comfortable and look nice.

These booties are a recent purchase from Walmart, although I have seen the same ones at JC Penney's. They are super cute and fairly comfortable. I think I will add some ultra-thin insoles to keep my feet from sliding forward in them. The necklace is a thrift-store find; I love the swirly stone setting. 

Here's a little quick-fix tip to shorten a necklace: while wearing the necklace, gather up the chain in the back until the pendant is at the place you want it. Pinch that spot tightly and turn the necklace around. Put a small earring thru both sides of the chain, secure and turn the necklace back around. I keep old mate-less earrings around for things like this.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I really like that sweater. It looks good on you. Thanks for the tip about the necklaces. That always happens to me.