Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Khaki Pants and That Thing Around My Neck

On Monday I had some business in town and my cleaning job, so I put together this outfit that worked for both. I wore the khaki pants from my February Use It or Lose It challenge. They are comfortable, but the fit just isn't quite right. I think I figured out why...they are a 14W, so they have more room for tummy and hips. While I do have a tummy and hips, it's really not enough to keep these pants up where they are supposed to hit my waist, so they sag a bit. Just enough to make the side pockets stick out like a couple of ears - it looks weird and emphasizes an area I'd rather minimize. If I wear a long enough top, untucked, the problem isn't as noticeable. Will I keep these pants? Hmmm...still thinking about it...

Navy 3/4 sleeve top - thrifted
Khaki pants - thrifted

Scarf - NY Fashion Exchange
Earrings - either from MIL's collection or made by B (do you recognize them, B?)
**Please don't look at my blechy hair! I colored it today, so it will look better in future posts!**

Tuesday is Some Postman's day off (how do you like my new name for my dear husband? he likes it!), so we went to Town to price a window. It's the last one to be replaced in our House Project - and it looks like it will be the most expensive window! Modern sizes just don't mesh well with OLD houses. At any rate, here's what I wore:
Gray stripe top - Walmart
Black jeans - Target
Black shoes - thrifted
Earrings - Avon (old)
Scarf - NY Fashion Exchange
Polka dot belt - Rue 21

It was warm but windy yesterday, so I grabbed a black sweater before heading out the door. Didn't get a pic of that addition to the outfit, but it coordinated well. As I was coming out of the bathroom at Walmart, a lady coming in commented "I really like that orange thing around your neck!" I laughed and said "thanks!" That orange thing around my neck and the olive & pink one from the day before both came from one of my favorite little stores in our little town - New York Fashion Exchange. Rhonda has the most amazing accessories - scarves, belts, purses, jewelry, etc - and reasonable prices. I blame her for my scarf addiction --er, collection!


Bflowers said...

My opinion on the khakis is to lose them. They just aren't the right fit for you. The scarves are fabulous! I especially like your Tuesday outfit! I did not make the earrings so they must be from MIL's collection.

Melissa said...

I think you're right, B. The khaki pants just don't fit quite right. And that means they must GO!

I really liked my outfit from yesterday, too. That one WILL be repeated! :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Just catching up with you. I love this gray outfit. You should wear it a lot! I like that you added a polka dot belt and I would snatch that orange scarf if you lived closer! I wish size 14 was loose on me. Sigh.