Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purple Again!

You will see me wearing purple quite often over the next couple of years. As an officer in our local LWML society and as a zone chairperson, I will be attending numerous LWML meetings and functions. Since purple is their official color, I try to wear that color when going to LWML activities. I do NOT wear purple to support the local university sports teams. Nothing wrong with that - it's just not my deal. Just making it clear WHY purple is in my wardrobe. Aside from the obvious fact that purple is a great color!

Saturday morning was a zone board meeting. After I got home, I had to change into a big wooly sweater. For some strange reason, it was chilly at the church (it's almost always too warm there in the winter - and it's conversely cold there in the summer). At any rate, here's what I wore while out of the house:

Lavender gingham shirt - thrifted
Purple scarf - not sure, maybe Walmart?
Jeans - Fashion Bug
Gray flats - eBay

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