Sunday, March 18, 2012

Date Night with Some Postman

Friday evening, my handsome husband took me on a date to the theater. We saw "Don't Dress for Dinner", a comedy. It was well-played, funny (if a bit confusing! - but it was meant to be) and we had a nice evening together.

 Cape top - JCP
Black pencil skirt - Walmart
Black sandals - Target
Black and tan Dachshund inspecting my pedicure - ad in newspaper

I must have been wearing a cami when I tried on this top at Penny's a week ago...I didn't remember it being so LOW in the neckline! It won't be worn to church, I can tell you that! Or else I'll definitely need to add a cami beneath it. The bat-wing style sleeves aren't a style I usually gravitate towards, but this top was only $3 so I thought I'd give it a try. Not sure it's the best look on me, but it was fun for the evening.

I completely forgot to put on earrings, but the necklace is one I got from JCP just before they stopped issuing coupons. This necklace was almost free after that coupon. I'm SO sad there won't be any more $10 off $10 purchase coupons anymore!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

You look so pretty. I hope you enjoyed your "date night".