Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Light Blue Scarf and a Girls' Day Out

Monday, my Bestie and I went out for coffee and a little shopping. The coffee was fabulous, as were the scones, but spending time with my Bestie was the bestest! We both broke our diets yesterday, munching on calorie-laden baked goods, but I'm pretty sure we worked it off afterward with all that shopping.

Neither of us is sure that we really like JC Penney's new no-coupon policy. Bestie and I adored those $10 off $10+ purchase coupons...we could score some nearly FREE goodies. We scoured the "best price" racks diligently, however, and came away with some bargains. My favorite find was a sheer "cape" with a built-in cami (it seems more like a flutter-sleeve top than a cape, to me); it was only $2.

For our outing, I wore the light blue scarf from my March Use It or Lose It challenge. I'm finding it very difficult to coordinate this scarf with my winter wardrobe. If it were teal, it would be SO much easier! Since we are having more 70° days, I plan to dig out some of my spring clothes. I'm really getting tired of dark colors, anyway.

 Tan jacket - thrifted
Jeans - Fashion Bug

 Brown striped top - JCP

 Gold butterfly earrings - Walmart
Light blue scarf - Walmart
Flower ring - Target

Leopard print flats - eBay


Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm glad you got to have a fun day with your BFF. I really like that blue scarf and the brown jacket, too. And I love the leopard print flats.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Grammy! You're sweet!