Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yipes! Egad! Blech....

OK, since this a blog about a FRUMPY hausfrau, I am including today's outfit in a post. Please do NOT look at this too long, or your eyes may fall out of your head. As much as I love the color of this shirt, especially with the necklace, alas, it puts a big ol' emphasis on my poochy tummy. If I were a mama-to-be, this would not be a big deal. However, I am long past that stage in my life and do not appreciate looking preggers anymore. Some Postman is due home any minute now, and then we are headed to town, so I don't have time to change. I'll just wear my jacket.


Thank goodness I'm working out really hard this week. If I can shed some of that belly chub, I should be able to wear this again someday without an arsenal of Spanx. (Which, if I had time to wriggle into it before SP gets home, I would!)

 Layering shirts, white & light turquoise - JCP
Jeans - probably thrifted
(As it turns out, the rather disgusted look on my face is appropriate for this outfit!)

 Necklace & earrings - Target

Pink argyle socks - Target
Skechers - Fashion Bug ages ago

Ha! He's not home yet...maybe there's time for Spanx after all...but that won't leave much room for Smashburger...that could be a good thing. Yeah, Spanx it is! See ya'll later!


Spanx helped only slightly.

Maybe it's the Mom Jeans....or maybe the shirt is too long...or maybe I'm really just too stinkin' chubby for this look!


Grammy Goodwill said...

I love the necklace! Do you really own some Spanx? I don't even know what size to buy. I saw on tv today that the creator is now a millionaire.

Melissa said...

I saw that on tv, too! She ought to be wealthy...Spanx is one of the best inventions for women. What I have is actually a cheap knock-off, but it still works pretty well. I bought size XL, even tho, according to the measurement chart I should take a L. Those things will squeeze the living daylights out of you, and I don't care to stop breathing while wearing it. Actually, I think even two sizes up wouldn't be a bad idea.