Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Easter

(I'll catch up on last week's outfits was a busy week, getting ready for Easter and recovering from not feeling up to par.)

Most people wear their finest, best clothing for Easter. Little girls wear frilly dresses and shiny new shoes. Ladies put on lovely new dresses in bright spring colors. Men wear their best suits with a new tie. Some people just wear their usual duds. It really doesn't matter...God just wants us to praise Him, and what we wear makes no difference to Him! However, I'm among those who like to put on a pretty new outfit for Easter.

The new dress I'd planned to wear this morning needed some serious attention by an iron, and time was lacking. Instead, I chose a new-to-me skirt and built the outfit from there. The summer-like temperatures have departed us, so keeping warm was important, but I did not want to don winter gear. This outfit was just right, I think.

Sweater - Khol's
Skirt - thrifted
Cami - JCP

Here's a pic out in the sun so you can see the outfit better. 

Sunglasses - street vendor in Mexico (2007)

Necklace & earrings - JCP

Tights - Target
Shoes - thrifted

Have a Blessed Easter!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Happy Easter to you, too. I really like that necklace. The yellow skirt was a pretty choice for today. I wore a black and gray geometric print dress. (Petite Extra Large. Sigh.)