Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Ordinary Day

Monday was just an ordinary day, so I wore an ordinary outfit. I did go to town to do a little shopping, and normally I would have dressed a little nicer for that, but my foot was hurting and I knew I'd have to wear tennies. However, since I planned to go shoe shopping, I didn't want to wear lace-up shoes, so these slip-ons were the best alternative. My feet still hurt at the end of the day, though. Well, my left foot in particular. Apparently there's some nerve damage in the heel. Does that ever go away? It's been stabbing me for a couple of months now.


 Purple tee - Walmart (no, it's not stained - I dripped water on it and didn't wait for it to dry)
Cardigan - gift from sister B
Jeans - thrifted

 Earrings - gift from aunt J
Necklace - gift from friend MA

Skechers shoes - can't remember where I got them, I've had them so long

Now I just have to brag a little. Last summer, I did some "personal shopping" for my friend MA, the one who gave me the necklace that I've been wearing almost constantly since my birthday. She finally sent me a picture of herself in some of the things I'd sent her, and gave me permission to post her outfit on my blog! I had to promise not to show her face, however, so you don't get to see just how pretty she really is. Here she is...my fellow honey bee!

 Light blue top - thrifted & gifted by me

Black peep toe shoes - thrifted and gifted by me

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