Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Ordinary Day

Today is Wednesday...just an ordinary Wednesday. Well, except for the record-breaking temps we're going to have. It's supposed to reach 95° today! Thought this would be a good day to wear one of my new summer dresses. I had to tack up the neckline on this one - the V extended all the way down to the elastic empire waist!

Dress - Walmart
Flip-flops - JCP

I am not feeling all that well today, so please forgive the sourpuss look on my face. No jewelry or accessories today, either. They would just get in the way while I'm watering the garden, caring for the poultry and cleaning the house.

1 comment:

Bflowers said...

It looks comfy. I would have tacked up the neckline too! Yikes! Way more boobage than I care to show!