Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Go To Meetin'

Doing a little catch-up here - this post will have outfits from today as well as last Sunday.

From last Sunday, April 15, which I thought was Tax Day until I learned that Tax Day was April 17th this year. Since when did they start moving it around and how do you find out about that?....anyway....

 White top - thrifted
Old Navy skirt - thrifted
Dansko sandals - Tradehome Shoes

 Earrings - JCP
Necklace - ummm...I can't remember

 Bracelets - thrifted and/or gifts

Annie Wolfe Designer Bag - purchased from the artist herself

And here's what I wore to church today, Sunday April 22, Earth Day. Thought I'd get in touch with my boho self in honor of the day.

 Sheer top - thrifted
(Mostly unseen) cami - Walmart
White capris - thrifted
Gold Butterfly earrings - Walmart
Bracelet - thrifted

 I got several compliments on this top (which only cost a quarter at the church sale I went to on Friday!). I'm pretty sure I like it, but since it's sheer, a cami must be worn underneath it. And the trouble with most camis is that it gives you "uni-boob" with this style of top. At least this cami, with its shapewear qualities, contained the "inner tube" effect created by the elastic under the bust and the waistband of the pants, which is most evident while sitting. This is why you will almost NEVER see photos of me sitting on this blog! I'm fine standing up, but sit my short self down, and out pops the inner tube. Ew! I really gotta shed some pounds...

Sandals - JCP

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like both outfits, but I love the second one. That top is great. You crack me up talking about a uniboob. I don't think I've ever heard that before. Too too funny. Also love those wedges.