Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

Since much of my wardrobe consists of thrifted items, either purchased at second-hand stores, yard sales or eBay, and because I'm getting bored with just outfit posts, I thought I'd add a weekly feature. (This is also to encourage me to be more consistent about writing.) I've got another idea bouncing around in my forgetful old brain, but that's for another time. As long as I remember...the old grey matter, it ain't what it used to be, folks!

Most months, there's a Catholic church in a nearby town that has a "garage sale" in an old gymnasium on the third weekend of the month. This month was a "double feature" - they had the sale both Friday and Saturday. I've learned that if you don't go on Friday, everything has been well-picked-over and very little is left on Saturday. So I hopped in my little green car and zipped over there first thing Friday morning. Usually, I catch a ride with The Girls - a group of Senior ladies who are just as addicted to thrift shopping as I am. This time, however, I didn't leave the house in time so I had to drive by myself.

One of The Girls, M, is an accomplished seamstress; she crafted shopping bags for each of us to use when we go to the monthly sale. The custom at this sale is to bring your own bag or cardboard box and fill it as you shop. M's bags are HUGE! Here's mine: I put a regular-size grocery bag next to it so you get an idea of just how enormous it is. There's a pocket inside at the top, also, to hold little things like jewelry.

The prices at this sale are so cheap, it's well worth the drive. I spent $7.25 and nearly filled my bag. These are the small items I purchased:
We tried out the wine bottle opener last night - it works, but Some Postman had to do it. I was not smarter than the thing! The necklace may be hand-crafted; the colors are so pretty. I'm not sure if the cross bracelet will remain in my collection; dangly things tend to bug me, but this one is cute so I'll give it a try. The bracelet in the middle is my favorite - it matched the shirt I was wearing yesterday (sorry, no pics of yesterday's outfit).

Next is a future gift for one of my nieces. Once in a while I'll purchase a toy at this sale, but I've had a couple of toys that were labeled "works" and they didn't. I haven't put a fresh battery in this Care Bear yet to see if she does anything, but even if she doesn't, she's still cute and will be enjoyed by either L or T.

Clothing is by far the best bargain at this sale. OK, shoes and books, too, but I didn't score any of those this time. Most clothing is only 25¢ a piece; shoes are a quarter a pair or a dollar for boots (unless otherwise marked). Books are at the most 25¢, while many are a dime and paperbacks are just a nickel. Cheap, huh?!
These are the tops I stuffed into my giant bag. They all fit, although the two sleeveless ones are a bit big under the arms. I don't think I'll bother taking them up, however, since it's hotter than blue blazes when I wear sleeveless tops, so I won't care if they're a bit loose. I may dye the white sweater. My favorite top is the second one from the left.

And these are the bottoms... The denim shorts are for Some Postman. (See, I even shopped for him!) I'd hoped to find some capri pants this trip, and I did. The olive green  pair will need some tucks taken in the waist. Since they are a mid-rise, the back of the waistband gaps. They are not a good length for short stumpy me, but there's a button on the side seam and a loop inside so the cuff can be rolled up. The denim capris, despite the fact that they are the size I normally wear, do not fit at all. (There is not an opportunity to try on clothing at this place. If you like it and you think it might fit, you stuff it in your bag before someone else grabs it! And darn, for a quarter, even if it doesn't fit, who cares?!) The blue seersucker elastic-waist granny capris were purchased at a different thrift store on the way home for $1.50; they fit, of course (hello, elastic waist!). Yeah, they aren't very fashionable, but I like to have several of these type of cool, breezy pants on hand in summer, since I don't wear shorts out in public anymore. And, surprisingly, the floral sleeveless top with the blue yoke coordinates with these pants well!The cute pencil skirt does fit...but I'd have to wear industrial strength Spanx underneath for it to look good. I'll hang onto the skirt and the denim capris for a while, just in case I manage to shed a few pounds.

There you have it! Thrifty fashion shopping like this makes me happy. I know I have more than enough clothes already, but it's so fun to see what cute things I can find for a song.

Keep thrifting!


Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your bargains. I'm starting to like thrift stores much more than Goodwill. Our Goodwill is now charging $1 for paperbacks and $2 for hardback books. I think that's unfair. Hubby and I still haven't made it to any yard sales as we've had other commitments. I am very envious of your day!

Melissa said...

I think you have to pick and choose the bargains at both Goodwill and thrift stores, as well as yard sales. Great deals can be found at all of them!