Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

This morning, I stopped by the two little thrift shops in town, but I did not find anything. While I was downtown, I popped into my favorite little fashion place, New York Fashion Exchange, where I purchased Scarf Number 40. You'll have to wait for an outfit posting to see it, though. As I drove out of town, I saw a sign for a garage sale, so I followed it. Glad I did! Here's what I found:

This fabulous handbag was marked $5, which is far more than I would normally pay for a purse at a yard sale, but it is real rabbit fur and leather - and it is an Antonio Melani. This purse would have been priced well over $100 retail, so it was worth the asking price. I didn't even haggle! This will be a fun addition to my fall/winter wardrobe.

Friday evening, Some Postman and I went to the Big City to celebrate a momentous occasion. He got the official word that he has been accepted for the position of full-time rural mail carrier! He'll be doing the same job he's been doing for the past 9 years as a sub, but only one route now and with benefits. We took in a movie and dinner at Red Robin afterward. The cherry Cokes were amazing! We each drank two, and my Postman took a third to go. As we were leaving the restaurant, the tornado sirens were sounding. (We'd been keeping an eye on the sky as we ate dinner, so we weren't surprised.) Most people headed over to the movie theater to take shelter; we ran to our car through the rain and wind, listened to the radio for a few minutes to evaluate the situation, then took off for home. It rained HARD and even had some small hail. My Postman is an excellent driver, and we broke through to the other side of the storm without mishap. Our rain gauge here at home showed a mere 0.25" rainfall.

Not a great photo, but only had time for one shot. Here's what I wore for our celebration date:
 Kimono-sleeve top: JCP
Jeans: thrifted
Dansko shoes: eBay
Hand-crafted necklace: gift from friend MA