Friday, May 25, 2012

Going to Town

Striped top - thrifted
Yellow tank - JCP
White capris - thrifted

This is what I wore to grocery shop yesterday. It was comfortable, kind of bright, but after looking at the pictures, I realize that I look like I should be living in a retirement village or on a Senior Citizen cruise! I don't know about wearing a shirt as a jacket like this...seems kind of an old lady thing to do. And yeah, I'm over 40, but I'm not OLD!

 Bracelet - thrifted

Born sandals - Vanderbuilt's

My lovely hairdresser told me that Vanderbuilt's was having a half-off sale on ladies' sandals, so after she cut my hair, I stopped in to see what they had to offer. I've been hoping to find a pair of sandals exactly like these, so how could I resist half-price?! The pair of Clarks that I'd spotted at Dillards were terrific, too, except for the price of $80. These Borns were $32 - much more affordable! Since yesterday was the first time for me to wear them, I wasn't sure how my painful feet would tolerate them, so I packed my Danskos in the car just in case. These were fine until about the last half then, the "toe thing" was starting to bug me. They should be just right for wearing to church or on a date or someplace where I'm not on my feet constantly for 4 hours or more.


Grammy Goodwill said...

You really know how to hurt a girl, don't you? I was getting ready to write about how much this looked like something I would wear, and how much I loved the colors, when WHAM! Senior citizen comment! hehehe If the shoe fits, I guess I'll have to wear it. By the way, those sandals are definitely not old lady sandals. And neither is the bracelet. I will admit that I'm getting rid of my shirts like that - if that would be called a camp shirt. The style bloggers say they're a no-no.
Otherwise, I wouldn't know.

Melissa said...

Oh dear....well, this outfit is perfect if you're a Senior Citizen. It's just that I'm NOT one! :)
Camp shirts are no-nos??!! Well, pooh! I don't have many of them, but the few I own, I like. They just don't fit very well right now. What on earth is wrong with a camp shirt, I'd like to know? I say wear 'em if you like 'em! (Of course, I'm not much of a fashion blogger! LOL)

Tara said...

I actually like the button-up shirt with tank under it. I have always thought it was a slimming profile. :)

Melissa said...

I think maybe I would like it better with jeans rather than capris.